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What Went Down: TokyoManiLove 2017

Yeah, from this day on, let's start a new section of the blog that will cover events that we are part of and what better way to start it is with last November 25th's TokyoManiLove 2017 that was held at the Fisher Mall Event Center!

The event was jam packed with people along with them are anime and japanese culture fans. Good thing that Team Jefusion still got some seats to watch the excitement unfold.

One of the moments that we enjoyed is when Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka performed onstage. Oh how we all miss our childhood.

While everybody was busy listening to the various singers and bands that were performing onstage, I dropped by our friends at KimonoPH and started to  take pics of their members wearing beautiful kimonos and watched as a tea ceremony is being held.

As for the performers, we get to hear some anime music covers from the Aisaku band, eye candies such as JaPH Dolls, Claire and the Kawaii 5. Performances from the guest such as Jinho Bae, Agassi Chung, Fumiya Sankai and Kuya Omurice gets all the girl's attention. The most entertaining part of the performances was that of the HPN3's comedy show where everybody's problems where washed away by their super comedic acting and jokes and were all replaced by smiles and laughter. 

Before the cosplay competition started, we took some pictures of the judges which includes Team JEFusion's Fred and Daph (who were dressed as a swordsman and magipink from Mahou Sentai Magiranger!).

And now, I bring you the cosplayers that caught are attention: 

As the moment of truth approaches, the judges had a hard time deciding on who will bring home the bacon as some of them really put a show. In the end, the winners were all announced.

1st placer is Kamen Rider Mach from Kamen Rider Drive. Sure, he had made a small mistake but that mistake was quickly forgotten as fast as him pushing the speed-up button on his Mach Driver by putting up a first class performance that awed fans even if some of the are not fans or does not know Kamen Rider at all.

Second placer is the God Gundam from Mobile Fighter G-Gundam. What can I say about this dude? Damn he performed an awesome, show-stopping performance! Imagine, a guy in a bulky and heavy rubber suit performing triple jumping roundhouse kicks and 3 spinning slashes in perfect form! You go, dude!

And lastly, we have Gai sensei from the Naruto series. Yeah, he might not be wearing an armor (take note, this guys is a friend of mine and is also a friend of my workmate at Bucket Head Props and he owns 2 or 3 armor suits) but man, this guy has professional acting powers! He brought down everybody's jaws in laughter thru his accurate portrayal of Rock Lee's master!

Just when i thought that showmanship was gone from the cosplay scene these days, the 3 winners of TokyoManiLove made me eat my words and swallow them hard. Hoping to see more of their performances from future events that Team JEFusion will cover.

And the day ended with everyone talking about another TokyoManiLove event for next year while i brought home 12 Spark Dolls thanks to my and Dan's good friend and toku toy source, Mark Louie Navarro.

So here are my thoughts for the event itself:

It was awesome, never a dull moment as the performers also did some covers of Ted Ito's songs which some of it are my all time favorites. Everything was perfect and I'm really expecting another year from the people who gave us this event. As for the not-so-cool stuff, it was just the audio systems (which were faulty at some times) and some of the cosplayers who did not gave it their all in which i will give this advice that I got from my cosplayer friends: Once you enter the stage, be the character that you are portraying and give life to that character that you chose.

And there you have it, our first episode of What Went Down. See you next event, guys and gals! Photos courtesy of yours truly and Mark Louie Navarro.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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