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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Enter The New Era's Heroes Of Justice!

Authorize! Check-out these latest Kamen Rider Zero-One scans from the latest issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine featuring the reiwa era's newest heroes; Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider Vulcan and Kamen Rider Valkyrie!

Enter Hiden Aruto, a struggling comedian who is destined to become a hero! Entrusted in him is his father's company, Hiden Intelligence, he will use its advanced technology to fight injustice, transforming into Kamen Rider Zero-One Rising Hopper using the Hiden Zero-One Driver and then upgrading his form into Kamen Rider Zero-One Flying Falcon! 

Later in the show, Aruto will acquire 2 new ProgRise Keys allowing him to upgrade into Kamen Rider Zero-One Biting Shark and Kamen Rider Zero-One Flaming Tiger!

Early in the show, we will also get to meet the agents of A.I.M.S. who are Kamen Rider Vulcan and Kamen Rider Valkyrie by using the ShotRiser and their assigned ProgRise Keys. Vulcan will also acquire a new ProgRise Key allowing him to upgrade into Kamen Rider Vulcan Punching Kong.

As for the villains, the terrorist group known as will hack the HumaGears by using the ZetsumiRisers and ZetsumiRise Keys, turning them into monsters.

In the series, we will also meet Hiden Aruto's father, Hiden Soren (portrayed by Koji Yamamoto), who passed away. A HumaGear was created to look and act exactly like him.

Kamen Rider Zero-One will premiere this Sunday, September 1st replacing Kamen Rider ZI-O in the Super Hero Time block.

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