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Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger - Enter The New Fighting Kishiryus, PachyGaroo & ChibiGaroo

Been missing those boxer type mechas like Jetman's Tetra Boy and Ohranger's Red Puncher? Then be happy as the newest addition to the Kishiryu partners that the brave knight have awaken has finally come! Here's comes the fighting Kishiryus PachyGaroo and ChibiGaroo!

Linked to the elemental power of the earth, PachyGaroo and ChibiGaroo will combine with Kishiryu-Oh to become Kishiryu-Oh PachiGaroo!

And with the help of the Dasshin (stomping) Soul, the Ryusoulgers are able to equip themselves with an armor complete with boxing gloves for those personal close quarter combat!

Also this month of September, we will get to meet a man named Nada, a Ryusoul Tribe survivor and a veteran warrior who has a past with Master Red as he was an apprentice and a potentinal successor for Ryusoul Red and will help the team find the new Kishiryus.

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