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Kamen Rider Zero-One - 2nd Quater Toy Catalog Reveals Kamen Rider Thouzer

Even with the new show now on its second episode, it didn't stop the second quarter toy catalog to be leaked that much early and this new leak now gives us our first full look at the upcoming 6th rider that will soon make his presence felt in the Kamen Rider Zero-One TV series!

Introducing the gold and silver horned fighter, Kamen Rider Thouzer. He will use the ZAIA ThousanDriver, made by the ZAIA company, to transform into a Kamen Rider and instead of inserting 1 key in his driver, he will use both the Amazing Caucasus ProgRise Key and the Awakening Arsino ZetsumiRiser Key. Kamen Rider Thouzer will be armed by the close quarter melee weapon called the Thousand Jacker.

Also, look-out for these upcoming ProgRise Keys that might be used in this year's team-up movie and these two are the Rider Timing ZI-O ProgRise Key and Kamen Riding Decade ProgRise Key, the ProgRise Key Connector and the Kamen Rider Thouzer RKF and Legend Rider Sofubi figures.

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