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Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger - EX Quarter Toy Catalog Reveals New Weapon For Ryusoul Red

Here's the full and revealed look at the final power-up weapon that Ryusoul Red will acquire which will also give him a new power-up later in the second half of the series.

Introducing the Ryusoul Calibur, a more powerful version of the Ryusoul Ken which will grant Ryusoul Red with more power complete with a cape and will also come with a metallic version of the Red Ryusoul. The finishing move is called the Extreme Dino Slash.

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wanna talk about the Super sentai 2020 theme. One sentai motif I DON’T ever wanna see, after Ryusoulger, is the magic or sports. But, one sentai motif I DO wanna see for the year 2020, after Ryusoulger, is the new and next miraculous heavenly angel theme, because Goseiger was the first ever sentai season to introduce the miraculous heavenly angel motif. And I am saying 100% “YES” to the second angel sentai motif after the Grand finale of Ryusoulger, especially the return of the Main 5-core colour team such as – Red & Pink Sky element, Black & Yellow Land element, and Blue Sea element. One other thing, it will nearly be 10 years since Goseiger was aired.

    Now the true question is: Will that be up to the TOEI company to decide?

    P.S. Please don't be cruel or mean, just be nice and respectful.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I swear the red favouritism is just ridiculous. This is the reason why seasons like Zyuohger and Kyuranger were meh.

  3. Daggy Says:

    So basically you want Goseiger season 2? It's not impossible but Goseiger is one of the least liked Sentai out there and Sentai currently is struggling which is why they reused the dinosaur theme again.

    To be honest, I'm down for a Goseiger-like series, because the show itself was a missed opportunities aside from the villains (Brajira till this day is my favorite Sentai villain).

  4. Anonymous Says:

    No no no, when I said "the 2nd angel motif for super sentai 2020", I don't mean "Goseiger Season 2". I actually meant a new super sentai team name for 2020 (either it would be called "Epicranger" or "Angeler", but still get the new main 5-core superhero team such as - Red (Male) & Pink (Female; Male Red's Love Interest) Sky element, Yellow (Male) & Black (Female; Male Yellow's Love Interest) Land element, and Blue (Male) Sea element.
    So basically, I believe in the faith of Angels.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Besides, GoseiGreen profile on YouTube said "that's actually not a bad idea but a good idea."

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Look just listen for a minute and hear me out. What I'm trying to say is that, just like Ryusoulger shares the similarities of Kyourger (Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge's counterparts), the next/second angel motif (which it either be called "Epicranger" or "Angeler" would share the similarities of Goseiger for 2020.
    After all, it is nearly 10 years since Goseiger was aired.
    That's all I'm trying to say, honestly. �� - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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