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Complete Selection Modification Garren Buckle, Rouzer, & Rouze Absorber Promotional Video

It's time to "Turn Up" once again as Japanese actor Kousei Amano, known for his role as Tachibana Sakuya/Kamen Rider Garren from 2004's Kamen Rider Blade gives you a demonstration of all the gears he uses in CSM form!

In addition, here are the official images:

Besides all that you see here in this Premium Bandai exclusive item, it will also come with 31 cards which will activate Garren's attacks and abilities when scanned plus 18 blank cards used to seal Undead.

The full set will cost 48,400 yen while the belt and Rouzer set will come at 44,000 yen and lastly, the belt and card set will cost 22,000 yen with a June 2020 release date.

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