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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 01 Title & Summary

A new dawn has arrived and with it, a new evil army of darkness who will strike fear in the hearts of people! But worry no more as an all new team of defenders has been assembled to protect the eart and all they need is one more member!

Episode 01 "The Mashins are born" 3/8/20

"A once peaceful day has now suddenly been lost! The Army of Darkness, Yodonheim, have buried the crystal kingdom of Crystallia into a deep darkness, and have set their sights on an invasion of Earth! Descending from the sky comes a fearsome creature known as a Jaguchihirudon, and destroys the city alongside several Bechatt foot-soldiers on the ground, plunging the city into a massive panic! 

However, there is no need to fear, for there are heroes on Earth who can save everyone from this unprecedented crisis! The Kiramagers, four warriors with shining spirits, who were granted the power of the Kiramei Stones from the fallen kingdom of Crystallia to fight against the Yodonheim Army! Meanwhile, the princess of Crystallia, Mabushiina, searches for a fifth warrior whose spirit resonates with the last Kiramei Stone! It was just then when she noticed an ordinary high schooler by the name of Jewel Atsuta, who would always continue to draw even in the midst of a calamity..."

Source: SpecialForm12

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