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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Who Will Win The Competition?

With only a few days before the winner of the competition is named, a couple of newspaper scans has surfaced revealing the victor. WARNING: This will contain spoilers so read with caution.

Here are the translation from the images above courtesy of Filip:

"In the 5th showdown against zaia, Aruto loses the will to fight due to the people who were convinced by Gai. Isamu turns his gun against Gai, but when gai orders isamu to kill aruto, something happens. Having taken control of hiden intelligence, Gai starts the deactivation of all humagears. Desperate, Aruto makes a deal with Jin in order to reactivate izu"

What are your thoughts about this news? And how will this affect the series? Drop "em like a bomb at the comments section below.

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