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Tsuburaya Announces Ultraman Zet

Tsuburaya officially announces the new Ultraman and the actor playing the lead role!

Ultraman Zet is a hot-blooded warrior from the Land of Light who trained under Ultraman Zero. And being trained by Zero means that he has likely inherited some of his master's attitude.

A full body shot of Zet

Aiding Zet on his quest to protect Earth is his chosen host Haruki Natsukawa a 23-year old rookie pilot of the Anti-Kaijuu Robot Troop STRAGE. Haruki is a well-mannered karate expert.

Playing the role of Haruki is Koushu Hirano. Mamoru Miyano also returns to voice Ultraman Zero. More cast details to follow.

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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    That ultraman z design like zero and fuma plus ultraman x and ginga.That my opinion.

  2. noone Says:

    So what is the exact romanisation? Z or Zet?

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