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Kamen Rider Zero One Finale Reaction and Series Review

Kamen Rider Zero One is finally over and it was definitely a wild ride!

I share my thoughts about the finale and the show in general in this video.

Tell us what you think about Zero One in the comments!

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1 Response
  1. This year KR was a lighter one comparing to behemoths like Build or Zi-O. However I don't really like the conclusion to this show. Ending feels forced with Ark riders and the new villain introduction is a kind of a stretch.

    Generally speaking it's that pure boy fights for a dream trivia that got kind of disturbed in the end. It's not that I hated the show. But I think as the first of Reiwa era it should be kept as lightly as possible.

    To sum up...kind of a good shounen with a slightly bad ending. But let's hope the movie explains some more things.

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