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How to Prepare for the First Date with an Otaku Girl?

Before delving into the ins and outs of dating an Otaku girl, do we understand what that means? Stereotypes can be misleading. Otaku in American culture signifies a girl who is a fanatic of all things, manga or anime. Otaku mirrors the same meanings in Japanese culture, though it also hints on an obsession with books, sci-fi, or even American pop music.

Meeting the Otaku Girl on a Dating Site

Now that you know a little about this culture let’s examine some chivalrous approaches to meeting an Otaku girl. Always keep in mind that stereotypes emanate from any number of things and are usually off tangent, to say the least.

On, there are many sites and platforms where you could meet a like-minded person and your own Otaku girl; just use the tips below to attract attention. 

    • Approach Her with a Good Opening Line Online

    Discard stereotypes altogether. Use dating site chatrooms for optimal results. Mention a series, book, or store that you visit frequently. The sharpest and cutest way into her good books is to ask! Get some tips from her regarding your interests. It is the most underused yet highly effective method to meet anyone online. 

    • Forget about Stereotypes 

    Leave biases behind. This girl is unique, with diverse interests, orientated toward other things besides anime. Research these interests before assuming you know what she needs. The assumption is the mother of all mess-ups. Use online chatrooms to engage her as much as possible, without badgering. 

    • Dress to Impress 

    Nothing shouts “who cares” like underdressing. If you plan to impress an Otaku girl, wearing shorts for your first meet is condescending. It may signify that you perceive her as rough and only interested in gaming. That could not be further from the truth. Show her that you took the time to look good for her.  


How to Make an Otaku Girl Fall for You Online?

    • Know Her Passions 

    Find out what she is passionate about and enter her heart instantly. Use chatrooms to your advantage. Engage her on what she aspires to be, her passions, and her hobbies. It’s not enough to be a like-minded individual. Know her interests and transitioning to offline dating becomes a breeze. 

    • Try to Impress Her 

    Bring up something she mentioned during your first chat. It shows she’s on your mind. Once offline, impress her with gifts like you would any other girl. Being an Otaku doesn’t mean she only wants games. Try taking her to an anime movie of interest, or buy her a bracelet of her favorite series. 

    • Do Not Expect Her to Change 

    Find her interests appealing, not disturbing. It should emanate from your conversations with her. Don’t be condescending. Make her feel that you find her diverse taste in things attractive. A secure way to push her away is to make her feel weird or a freak. 

    • Compliment Her – Girls Love It 

    There is a good chance the Otaku girl is creative, smart, and witty. Talk about these personality traits with her, complimenting her on the same. She’s a girl, after all. Ladies love flattery, especially when it’s deemed, to be honest. Draw from all her positive traits, highlighting that she’s fascinatingly unique, not freakily weird. 

In a nutshell, Otaku gals are as feminine, if not more girly, than what you would all normal girls. They prefer engaging in something that may be considered childish or exceptional, but they are lovable. Their love for other non-anime activities is just as strong. However, they need a gentleman to draw them out of their shell. Use these tips and meet a dreamy Otaku girl online today.  

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