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JEFusion Idol Talk - How Online Talk Events are held

In the previous Idol Talk post, I joined an AKB48 Online Talk Event. Thanks to Ashahi Shinbun, we now have a behind the scenes look of how that very event went!

Members lined up sitting in front of tablets to chat with fans from all over. Fans would normally line up in front of the members they would like to meet.

Staff members on the right side of the photo, conducting the identity confirmation process, before relaying fans to their chosen members. A stage can also be seen at the back where the mini concert was live streamed.

A quick look at how the mini concert looked like:

 Left to right: Yuiri Murayama, Nana Okada, Minami Minegishi, Shinobu Mogi, and Mion Mukaichi peroforming "Mata aeru hi made"

Left to right: Nagisa Sakaguchi, Yui Oguri, and Narumi Kuranoo performing "Kimi no C/W (coupling with)"

 All participating members greetimg their fans online

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