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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 16 Title & Summary

After rescuing the world from certain destruction. Touma is branded as a traitor, and his comrades are out to take his SworDriver from him!

Episode 16 "A ray of light that saves the world" 12/27/20

"Touma has defeated Calibur and saved the world with his friends! However, Kamijo left a new mystery moments before his death! The end of the world has already been begun! Not to mention that Luna is a special being who connects both of their worlds! And a true enemy within the Sword of Logos was involved in the incident 15 years ago! Unlike Kamijo, Touma vows to reveal the truth with his friends. 

However, the Southern Base messenger, Reika Kamidai, was operating from behind the scenes! Just then, Rintaro and the others appear in front of Touma telling him to "Give us your Sacred Sword and Wonder Ride Book." He is confused because it was just yesterday when he fought alongside them as allies!  Just then, a man wearing a hood appears. "I'm the sword who protects the world!" It was at that moment when this man suddenly transforms!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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