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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 37 Title & Summary

Our girls are trying to take a well-deserved break, but Yodona is not stopping in bringing in the pain and does something strange!

Episode 37 "Sena 1/5" 12/27/20

"Sena and Sayo are enjoying a brief break at a trendy cafe! When she heard that the sweets she was looking for were sold out, Sayo notices Sena immediately switching out and going for the second one, with Sayo being incredibly impressed at the speed she made that decision! 

Then, Yodonna appears after she was ordered by Emperor Yodon to "Find Oraddin" she immediately goes to Earth to do as she was told! Although Yodonna was outnumbered during their fight, Yodonna's whip suddenly hits Sena, splitting her into five! There's a positive Sena, a cute Sena, a smart Sena, a grateful Sena, and lastly, a negative Sena...! All five Sena's seem to have different personalities! Just then, Garza's Smog Jouki suddenly appears in the city!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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