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Kamen Rider Zero-One The Movie: REAL X TIME Spoilers Revealed

The Akki News website has posted the spoilers for the recently released Kamen Rider Zero-One movie, and it also reveals a guest appearance at the end. BEWARE! If you do not want to be spoiled, avoid reading this.
Proceed with caution before reading this.

- Movie starts with Kamen Rider Eden fighting Kamen Rider Zero-Two.
- Zea's prediction powers give Aruto an advantage but Eden recovers his damage with a mysterious power.
- Eden defeats Zero-Two with his finisher. He takes away the Zero-Two Driver and the Zero-Two Progrise Key.
- Aruto has been pushed off a building. He summons the Rising Hopper with the Zero-One Driver to minimize his fall damage but he falls unconscious.
- S uses the Zero-Two Progrise Key and a Blank Progrise Key to create the Key to Destroying the World: Hell Rising Hopper Progrise Key.
- He takes the Zero-Two Progrise key to use Zea's Progrise Key Creation function.
- The unconscious Aruto meets a mysterious woman, Akane Tono, inside the world of Syncnet.
- The countdown for the destruction of the world begins.
- Members of Rakuen Guardia transforms into Kamen Rider Abaddon and assault people with a mysterious gas.
- Horobi, Yua and Naki, Fuwa, and Jin counterattack.
- Gothic Azu appears before Horobi. She says some cryptic nonsense and disappears. (This is her only appearance in the movie).
- Gai captures ZAIA's Managing Director, Nodachi Makio. He interrogates him with the help of the Humagears to find out S's location.
- Mashirochan (Nurse) strips Makio naked (a reference to his actor, Akira 100%'s comedy act, he also wears 100% ZAIA boxers), Bingo (lawyer) uses law jargon to attack him and Fukkin Hokai Taro (Best Girl) attacks with his abs.
- Makio reveals the password to his suitcase containing a special ZAIA Specs. The Specs allow access to S' Syncnet and creates an Avatar.
- S is revealed to be the creator of A.I. linked Medical Nanomachines, Ishiki Rihito.
- Akane was his fiancee who fell into a coma during a surgery that happened at the same time as Daybreak. Ark hacked into the nanomachines.
- S digitized his own mind and becomes a union with his nanomachines.
- S' goal is to digitize humanity, forcing them to live in his Syncnet, creating a Paradise for Akane.
- Akane in the Syncnet refuses to go along and passes the information about the Key to Destruction to Aruto who recovers consciousness.
- To summon Rising Hopper again, he gets the help of the Raiden brothers who appear on a trailer. (This is also their only appearance).
- Eden rematch with Metal Cluster Hopper.
- But Eden activates the Key to Destruction.
- Izu who wishes to find a way to help Aruto accesses Satellite Zea and meets the first Izu.
- The First Izu gives Izu her final words and disappears.
- To destroy the Key to Destruction, Aruto sets the key into the Zero-One Driver.
- Aruto transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-One Hell Rising Hopper.
- Hell Rising Hopper is a berserker form that Aruto cannot control.
- He comes close to defeating Eden but goes berserk when Zero-Two appears to stop him.
- The Zero-Two is Izu.
- Aruto and S have a heart to heart at the location of Akane's fateful surgery. S says he just wants to cure Akane with the help of nanomachines. S departs to Akane in the Syncnet.
- The Avatar Bell suddenly appears and takes the EdenDriver and Eden Zetsumerisekey from S.
- Bell transforms into Kamen Rider Lucifer.
- S marries Akane in the Syncnet.
- To fight Kamen Rider Lucifer, Aruto and Izu transform. Aruto transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-One Realizing Hopper and Izu transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-Two.
- They defeat Lucifer with a combined finisher.
- Zenkaiger appears in a cameo in the end.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am surprised they include Zenkaiger at the end or it's probably a teaser trailer but Azu's only appearance this is likely a promo for direct to video spinoff movie zero-one others that focus on the former villain now anti-hero group

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