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Mashin Sentai Episode 44 Title & Description

2 more episodes left before we see the Kiramagers bid us farewell and leave their legacy to the new defenders of the earth!

Episode 44 "Rest in peace, my friend" 2/21/21

"Juuru has gone missing. Fire desperately asks the others what happened as the rest of the Kiramagers clench their teeth and their fists as they recount the terrifying experience of witnessing Juuru and Garza's final battle. Mr. Hakataminami is stunned, Mabushiina can't even stand, and Mashin Fire refuses to accept what happened. Everyone starts to despair at the thought of who they've just lost... 

However, the five warriors who have fought with such splendor for so long slowly raise their faces. In preparation for the incoming war against Emperor Yodon, the five plan an all-out assault harnessing the full power of the four Kanaema Stones! The Mashin and the others start to fire up their resolves once again! However, Mashin Fire still can't move on..."

Source: SpecialForm12

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