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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 23 Title & Description

Touma acquires a mysterious tome of power in which he is drawn to it. He soon finds himself in a destructive hunger for violence after unleashing its power!

Episode 23 "Raging hands of destruction" 2/21/21

"Touma and the others ask Daishinji about the current state of the Southern Base who tells them that none of them were allowed to speak with Master Logos and that all communication is carried out through Reika! Could Reika be the true traitor of the guild?! Mei suddenly remarks, "Such a great Master should be able to talk to people face to face, don't you think?!" Daishinji is reluctant, however, Touma and Yuri are enthusiastic, as their operations regarding the Southern Base gets set into motion! 

Meanwhile, Storius plans to invade the Southern Base in order to steal a forbidden tome for himself as he, Touma, and Daishinji are all found within the walls of the Southern Base, each with their own motivations! Touma follows the trail of a mysterious young man who leads him to Storius clutching the forbidden tome! This tome contains so much power within it, that even Storius himself is unable to control it all...!!"

Source: Specialfor12

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