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Places That Bring Anime Lovers Together

Anime are animated Japanese “cartoons” that were once isolated to just Japan. In recent years, anime has spread globally. Now everyone across the globe loves and talks about anime regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

The anime culture is diverse and accepting. You’ll find all sorts of people belonging from diverse backgrounds come together under a single roof to show their love for animated series. This diversity has also led to many people falling in love and meeting the love of their life, but many others stay alone! It’s hard to meet like-minded people nearby. Luckily for them, this local dating site will make their love quests a little bit easier, and you don’t have to visit all these places below; as in this article, we will be discussing famous places where anime lovers can get together and get a perfect first date.

Studio Ghibli Is the Most Famous Animation Film Studio in Japan

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid anime lover or not. At some point in your life, you’d have watched studio Ghibli movies and felt warmth in your heart. Some of the most famous works include the film Spirited Away (2001), which was nominated and won an Oscar, and The Wind Rises (2013), both directed by Hayo Miyazaki.

Many anime lovers owe the popularity of anime to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s efforts for introducing anime into the global market with their unique plot lines. It’s no surprise to hear that Ghibli’s films are one of Japan’s highest-grossing productions. Hence, it’s common to see anime lovers discuss and admire movies produced by them and have a movie date with something like My Neighbour Totoro, but that’s not all! You can visit the studio and have a tour on the grounds where those heart-wrenching masterpieces were created, and in 2022 there will be a grand opening of a theme park dedicated to the Studio Ghibli in Japan. Don’t miss it!

Dating Site Is a Place to Meet Your Partner for Cosplay and Even More

Dating as an anime lover isn’t easy, but with the development of dating sites that cater to anime lovers, meeting like-minded people who share the same level of interest and love has only gotten easier.

No two anime lovers think the same. Some are shy about their love and indulge in their hobbies quietly without publicizing their passion. Others are very expressive, showing love through the art of cosplaying. How can they connect? Online, of course.

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX is heaven for Pokemon lovers. You’ll find murals of your favorite pocket monsters here in all shapes and sizes. It’s one of the largest Pokemon shops in Tokyo. During the weekend, the place’s packed with anime and game series super-fans. We’d recommend visiting during the weekdays to prevent bumping into crowds of people.

You can take your date here and admire all the Pokemon murals and purchase yourself some goodies, but beware, things run out of stock very quickly! Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum

Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, known as Doraemon museum, is a cute-as-hell place dedicated to works of Fujiko Fujio showcasing original artwork, manga reading corner, and a theater to enjoy some quality shows. If you’re an avid Doraemon lover, the museum should be on your list of must-visit places.

Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum makes for an ideal date spot where you can enjoy a few artworks, go to the theater to enjoy great shows or chill in the manga reading corner and have a reading date to discuss what you enjoyed later on.

Social Networks and Forums

Discussions are the best of getting to know about hot and upcoming animes. It’s the most proficient way of meeting new people who share the same thinking and opinion as you. One has to beware of these forums as many of them contain spoilers, which can ruin a plot.

Diversity in the anime culture has brought many people together, forming strong bonds between people over the internet with nothing in common except for their love for animated series. However, merely loving anime doesn’t ensure you’ll find someone who’s like-minded and lives nearby. Check out the available niche platforms to connect with your potential and precious romantic interest to prove that you are the main character after all.

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