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Kamen Rider Saber - Cross Saber Form Information

Kamen Rider Saber - Cross Saber Form Information

With Touma's final form debuting this coming weekend, it's time to know more things about Kamen Rider Cross Saber.

To access this new form, Touma will acquire a new holy sword called the Haouken Jusaber, a weapon that was created through the unity of the 10 holy swords. Its symbol can be moved on the blade, allowing Touma to use other modes.

These modes will allow Saber to equip himself with armor parts of his past forms but are all colored in his Cross Saber forms and this are the Crimson Saber (Brave Dragon, Storm Eagle, and Saiyuu Journey), Featuring Saber (Brave Dragon, Lion Senki, and Lamp Alangena), and Hybrid Saber (other Wonder Ride Book combos). 

Oh, and he can summon all ten holy swords for a finishing attack. And that's what you call a Fate Stay Night reference. 

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