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Kiramager Drama CD - Sayo and Shiguru get married!?

Kiramager Blu-ray/DVD Collection 4 includes an audio drama CD, and the story in it is that Sayo and Shiguru get married!

The story is set a few years after the finale, at Sayo and Shiguru's wedding! However, a Jamenshi invades the wedding and holds Sayo hostage! Professor Muryo hands out the Kiramai Changers once again in order to face this threat.

In case the Youtube video is region locked, here's the clip from the audio CD

Other contents of the Kiramager Blu-ray/DVD Collection are the following:
- A talk show segment with the Kiramagers and voice actors of the Mashins
- Hakataminami Muryo presents: Kiramai Profile - Kouhei Shouji edition
- Filming wrap-up footage
- Mashin Folk Tales Collection
...and more!

Kiramager Blu-ray/DVD Collection 4 will come out July 14, 2021.

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