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Dating Culture in Japan Over 50: How to Change the World of Dating

Decades ago, Japanese culture considered that people over the age of 50 shouldn’t talk about love. People think they are way too old for that.

However, these days, people have adapted to the mindset that “no one is ever too old to fall in love.” It has become acceptable for people in such age groups to talk about love and marriage.

The Cultural Change: Why Older Japanese Use Online Dating In Search Of Love?

Almost a quarter of Japanese men and 1 in 7 Japanese women are yet to be married at age 50 or older. These figures only increased from a previous survey in 2010. People who divorced, often after decades of marriage, or those who have never married at an older age are rising.

In addition, a decrease in the working-age population, the declining birth rate, and overall population decline has prompted the Japanese government to take political action and get involved in the dating crisis of the nation. The government’s involvement has helped loosened some of the cultural reluctance around online dating sites, which eventually increased dating service users.

Another factor that contributed to this cultural change is the advent of technology. Older Japanese have learned to become more at ease with the Internet. This is why much of the growing number of older Japanese singles have turned to online dating because here is providing features that help people to date locally. So older users can find a partner with ease, without traveling as for their age range it is problematic.

There’s also the social influence that older people are said to be more sexual. Also, adult children are more supportive of their parent’s remarrying. And with more families becoming nuclear and people living longer, more older adults are now living alone. This causes adult children to be anxious and keener for their parents to find someone to be with.

New Technologies Changing the World of Dating

1.  Faster Connection

Japan is one of the top countries with the highest internet speed. And with the advent of 5G, the world of online dating is expected to go a lot smoother and appeal more to several users, especially the impatient older generations.

A study shows that glitchy video calls and slow streaming is the most annoying thing when dealing with patchy Internet. 5G offers more brilliant banter with less glitchy buffering. This should bring a faster online connection that can help connect people in the dating world.

2.  AI to Find a Soulmate

To have better matches, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used. Using predictive analytics, AI can help rank a user that each person sees, helping you find more compatible partners. They help identify common facial features of profiles as well as similar interests and personalities.

3.    Safe and Secure Dating For People Over 50

Meeting people online, particularly via online dating services, was considered dangerous and sketchy. Early Japanese online dating services were often associated with crimes, such as kidnapping, murders, child prostitution, and fraud.

Thankfully, service providers are now taking steps to tighten security, especially for the older adults who are less technology-inclined. For one, dating apps are now using encryption as well as features that protect against certificate-spoofing attacks. There’s also the mandatory profile photo as well as disabling screenshots of even free photo-blurring options.

Lastly, most apps don’t require mandatory access to location and allow you to specify your location if you want manually. This helps reduce the likelihood of criminals finding out where you live.


The search for love is not limited to the younger generations. With Japan’s culture shifting towards modern thinking, more and more older people are now jumping on the online dating bandwagon to find someone they can share with the rest of their lives.

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