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Kamen Rider Drive's Ryoma Takeuchi to get married soon

Reports are going around that Ryoma Takeuchi is getting married soon!

Ryoma Takeuchi is reported to marry actress Ayaka Miyoshi, and according to Friday, an entertainment magazine, They have been dating for 3 years, and are also said to have already been living together since last year!

Ayaka Miyoshi

Ryoma and Ayaka together in a fashion show

Ryoma Takeuchi made his big break in 2015 in Kamen Rider Drive as Shinnosuke Tomari. He is also known for his other works such as Kahogo no Kahoko, The Day the World Ends, and Shimomachi Rocket, to name a few.

Ayaka Miyoshi was a member of the idol group Sakura Gakuin, and has appeared on film and TV in works such as Inuyashiki, Great Teacher Onizuka (2014), and Alice in Borderland.


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