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Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Confirms Past Spider-Men

Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Confirms Past Spider-Men

Heads up, true believers! Someone has released some spoilers for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home movie, and it confirms the appearance of Toby and Andrew's superhero personas! Again, this will contain spoilers so read at your own risk!

According to this post, the spoilers came from an insider called TheMysteriousMan who usually releases a lot of inside scoops that hit the mark. So here are the important parts of the movie.

- Venom is not in the movie
- Andrew and Tobey's Spider-Man Falls Into The NY Tom Holland Universe
- The print starts to report that more than one Spiderman has been seen around town and Tom Holland's Peter starts to get confused
- Peter (Tom) starts believing Mysterio is alive and has some kind of illusion or something
- The 3 versions of Spider-Man fight each other in an epic fight on the first date, each one suspects the other and doesn't understand what's going on
- The term ′′ variant ′′ is not quoted in the movie
- There's a scene where Tobey has a triumphal entrance and saves Tom and Andrew, the scene plays Spiderman (Tobey) theme song and even remembers Thor's arrival in Wakanda
- The interaction between them is amazing, it's something fun, exciting, and epic. The feeling we have is that none of this is real, it will be a Christmas gift to fans.
- Heroes make jokes between them and snub the villains and everyone has fun
- It's a team movie and not just Tom's Spider-Man
- Tobey and Andrew's versions are the same as the older movies, the uniform is the same, but they are well experienced
- Tobey and Andrew's universe will be shown a bit, Tom visits the two universes in some kind of magical attire and compares the different versions of NY
- They talk about Uncle Ben and it's exciting
- Different from what you imagine Tobey's version isn't as old or bearded as they expect, it's shown that time has passed from the old movies but not as much.
- Mysterio returns in this movie and is behind everything next to the Green Elf
- Ned dies in this movie
- Classic Mary Jane appears in the movie
- Movie will end open and hooking up for a continuation in Dr Strange 2
- Miles Morales appears and is from Andrew Garfield's universe, but the appearance is short don't get excited
- Wanda appears at the end of the movie outside of you
- The multiverse collides in the first 25 minutes of the movie
- Spider-Man (Andrew) fights Electro as Spider-Man (Tobey) fights Dr. Octopus, they take turns and a bit hits each villain a bit the scene is exciting and generates chills
- Tom Holland spiderman at that moment travels with Strange to try to pack the multiverse and avoid more villains
- Lizard and Sandman are in the movie
- Strange quotes that there are more than 484 versions of Spiderman in the multiverse
- The famous meme scene of the versions pointing to each other is referenced in a billboard of the Claim Diário newspaper

If all of these are true, then this would be the greatest Spider-Man movie that Marvel has ever produced. Now let's wait for the movie.

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