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The 5 Coolest LGBT Relationships in Anime and How It in Real Life

LGBT relationships have been implied or canonical for the past few decades of anime. Now that such interactions are more mainstream, they are much more likely to appear in the new anime. Take a look back at the five coolest LGBT relationships in anime and learn how such relationships are best fostered in the present.

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1.     Haruka & Michiru - Sailor Moon

Haruka and Michiru, better known as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, first appeared in season 3 of Sailor Moon. Their relationship makes this list because they had to remain hidden lovers in the American version of the show. As a result, the creators made them cousins, and it wasn’t until later that the fans found out they were written as girlfriends!

2.     Ushio & Sumika - Whispered Words

This short-lived series features two friends that are both lesbians in high school. While Sumika is completely invested in Ushio from the start, the latter doesn’t come around to the feelings of love until much later in the series. Complicating factors are their feelings about each other, love in general, and a third girl that complicates the relationship between Ushio and Sumika. This story about growing up should feel familiar to many.

3.     Utena & Anthy - Revolutionary Girl Utena

Amongst the backdrop of the convoluted Revolutionary Girl Utena show, Utena and Anthy develop a relationship that is steeped in personal loss, sadness, and the potential that the former holds for violence. Their relationship is very serious for being in high school.

4.     Ymir & Christa - Attack on Titan

Ymir and Christa are two characters who are not what they appear to be. Early on, their relationship is highly dependent, with Ymir being the strong one and Christa being a somewhat weak girl who has moments of intense bravery. Their story is not given a great amount of screen time, but it is still potent when other elements of their lives come to life.

5.     Shizuma Hanazono & Nagisa Aoi - Strawberry Panic

Nagisa Aoi’s peppy nature directly contrasts with Shizuma’s, but the latter starts to recover some of her lost personality as the show develops. Shizuma is somewhat smitten with Nagisa from the very start, but she is cautious about opening up to her due to the trauma she has suffered in the past. Much of their relationship is unspoken, but it is clear they have romantic intentions for each other. Their passion is hidden and demure, which many anime viewers enjoy.


You will not have to look far to see more great LGBT relationships in anime these days. While these five are a great place to start if you’re interested in these stories, many others exist. While you’re at it, you could start looking for your own love adventure, too!

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