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Tetsuya Iwanaga passes Liberal Arts Exam

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Tetsuya Iwanaga once again proves that he's indeed a genius!

Tetsuya Iwanaga posted on Twitter the results of his Liberal Arts Exam, placing 6th among 211 examinees!

He scored a total of 197 out of 250, showing above average results. The exam was for Level 2, with a total of 250 items, while Level 1, which is the highest, has 1000 items.

The Liberal Arts Exam tests you on various fields of knowledge, namely, Language, Geography and History, Government and Economy, Social Studies, International Studies, Natural Science, Lifestyle, Sports, Arts, and Culture.

Tetsuya Iwanaga's results

Will Tetsuya take on the Level 1 exam next?

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