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Ultra Series actors return for Ultraman Decker

Actors Yu Koyanagi and Sae Miyazawa return to the Ultraman franchise as they both join Ultraman Decker!

Yu Koyanagi plays Yuichiro Asakage, a scientist for TPU. Yu Koyanagi was also Ran in Ultraman Zero the Movie: Belial's Galactic Empire, as the host of Ultraman Zero.

Yu Koyanagi as Ran/Ultraman Zero

Sae Miyazawa portrays Sawa Kaizaki, the vice captain of GUTS-SELECT, and operator of Nursdessei. She appeared in Ultraman Saga as Sawa, a member of Team U. Interestingly, both characters share the same name. Sae was also a member of AKB48 and SKE48.

Sae Miyazawa as Sawa

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