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Toei Officially Unveils Kamen Rider Gavv

Toei Officially Unveils Kamen Rider Gavv

Are you ready for some juicy fruity action? Then grab those gummies and activate your henshin belts as Toei and TV Asahi officially unveils the next Reiwa era Kamen Rider series: Kamen Rider Gavv!

Kamen Rider Gavv will transform by using a transformation belt called "Gavv" (no more driver word this time around) and as mentioned in the past couple months, the gimmick will revolve around snacks mainly sweets. He will also have a mini monster partner named Gochizu.

Directed by Teruaki Sugihara with Hiroshi Butsuda as special effects director, Kamen Rider Gav will premiere this September 2024 replacing Kamen Rider Gotchard in the Super Hero Time slot. Gavv will also make his debut in the upcoming Kamen Rider Gotchard summer movie. 

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