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Power Rangers Megaforce Yellow Dons the GokaiYellow Suit!

Power Rangers Megaforce's Yellow Ranger Ciara Hanna posted a photo via Instagram of the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's GokaiYellow's suit and helmet. Could this confirm that the Gokaiger suits are indeed power-ups for the Megaforce rangers?

Based on the previous information, everything related to Goseiger will be spread into 20 episode first season. And according the RangerCrew, the Megaforce rangers, via still unknown means, will acquire a new "power up" in Super Megaforce. This is in addition to the "Super Goseiger" power-up they will attain in Episode 11 (based on the episode title, Ultra Power). The Megaforce rangers must be in this "new power-up" (Gokaiger suit) to transform into past rangers.

via Morphin Legacy

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46 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    So Black's power up is going to turn him green? LOL

  3. Unknown Says:

    Seems a little superfluous to transform into the Goseiger suits, just to be able to transform into the Gokaiger suits, and THEN be able to transform into past rangers. Just me?

  4. Shadow Says:

    (face palm) this has got to be the dumbest idea ever. why in the blue hell would you have another sentai series suits as power up when the series that megaforce is adapted from already has power ups. i looks to me that the great editing master of yesteryear has lost his mojo. the current editing in megaforce is horrible. kind of starting to miss disney.

  5. marty Says:

    well that spoils the surprise in our stomachs jsut once if the power rangers series will skip a sentai series (maybe go-buster and adapts kyuryuger instead)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @marty: go-busters "for me" looks promising in the western setting. I mean they might turn go-busters into a super spy sentai theme who knows?

  7. They can't skip a series like they did with Dairanger back in the day! And we are like almost 10 episodes in, and a lot of you are complaining about it?

    You do know that this is an anniversary season right?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ^ for the hundreth time they CAN'T skip asshole. and why would they just up and skip busters? just cause you dont like it? No,they shouldve just skipped Gokaiger.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I don't like this at all , it cheapens the Gokaiger series.
    " a real slap in the face " Saban's way of doing things suck ! He should have never gotten the rights back ! I respect the fans who think it's a good thing , but for me personally the series is ruined .

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I hope it's going to be something like the how Gen 1 PRs become those ninjas in that movie (anyone remember that one?) or Zeo rangers.

  11. EZ8 Says:

    Completely agree with Shadow. Saban really dropped the ball on this one. Basically, you have to transform, transform again, then transform a THIRD time just to get to the form you want? I mean that is just redundant and dumb. Besides, Megaforce has their Ultra Mode power-ups already.

    What's the whole point of keeping the Megaforce suits then? I was really hoping they'd either have Gokai suits be permanent upgrades, perhaps they lose their current powers, or be a completely separate team, like Alien Rangers.

    One more thing, how the hell do you explain how Noah, who barely knows how to fight and uses a bowgun, all of a sudden becomes an elite swordsman? If Jake and Noah switched colors for Super Megaforce, their styles would match a bit better for Gokai Blue and Gokai Green.

  12. el_zafa Says:

    How in the world that a warrior and tough guy like Jake will become well..... you know what type of person Don Dogoier is...

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Don't blame this on Saban. Blame this on those who want originality in PR. After Samurai being a near 100% copy of Shinkenger people have been complaining for something original.

  14. marty Says:

    Looks like power rangers is going to canceled in 2015.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    So, let's see:

    - Black will turn Green for no reason
    - FIghting styles will change drastically for no reason
    - Teenagers will turn into pirates for no reason


  16. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if you guys know but she also posted on her Instagram a picture of her and Jason Smith (AKA Casey From Power Rangers Jungle Fury

  17. Cool to get out first look at the American Gokai Yellow. I'm still not behind Megaforce ---> American Gokai ---> Old Ranger (if that turns out to be the case) but I'm not deriding it until 2014, when I see how its handled (and the Kyoryugers' other team-up buddies as well. :) )

    On another note: It took me eight minutes to recognize the thing on the left side of the picture as a coat flap from the Gokaiger suits. First look = first thought = "Where'd that shield come from?" :D

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. Unknown Says:

    Hopefully they do make a Go-Busters adaptation. It be wrong if they skip it.

  20. teku Says:

    o wow this is just dumb but if they say they lose the ranger powers then it is understandable for them to do so!!! but???? it is still just dumb don't ya'll think so too

  21. Anonymous Says:

    morph into a ranger to power up to a ranger to change into past rangers...

    2 things Saban
    1) Rangeception
    2) I hate Super Megaforce already

  22. Unknown Says:

    Why can't some people just be happy that they aren't going to skip Gokaiger? Sure the idea of the suits of being a "Power Up" form is bad but at least we get to see the suits. So stop complaining and enjoy the show. Hopefully when they adapt Go-Busters and then Kyoryuger, it will be good.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    "(maybe go-buster and adapts kyuryuger instead)"

    According to various sources, they can't skip a season

  24. Anonymous Says:

    The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had the "Metallic Power" that was supposed to be a power up yet the Zeo crystals had more power and grants them unimaginable power. Power Rangers Zeo was a power up to MMPR. So this is a real tribute to MMPR.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    For those people who still think Saban will skip a certain sentai series answer me this:

    When was the last time a season was skipped?

    Can't answer? didn't think so

  26. Anonymous Says:

    So we got have a cardboard unoriginal plain gokai red and a maybe a super weapon master blue ranger also a black ranger who rugs his thighs before turning into the green ranger. Yup official do not care anymore.

  27. Astromech Says:

    What a few of you fail to realize is that Gokaiger HARDLY transformed into Goseiger.. there were only two occasions (that i can think of) that they did, and one of them was during the movie..

    so this is somewhat perfect in saban's eyes

    still he is a bastard.. LOL

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Saban's really suck! Ruins all the story! Become a stupid sentai series …

  29. JOSH Says:

    Although honestly speaking I find it kinda ridiculous to think that the Gokaiger suit will be use as upgrade version of Megaforce... but I don't want to bash it totally just yet.. I'm still curious on how they're going to take this idea... it be good or maybe bad but who knows. Either way, we still wanna see it, right?

    And yeah, I have to agree to other folks here that the idea of "changing-to-totally-different-suits power-up" thing was already done before way back the early Power Ranger series (Mighty Morphin -> Zeo -> Turbo) and we take that idea just fine...

    My best bet on how they're going to transcend from Goseiger to Gokaiger suit probably their Megaforce power was gone (maybe it will be destroyed) and they have to find a new power source and that would be the Gokaiger power. Just my guess...

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I love how all you people are so butthurt at a kids show company. People complaining about how Saban should skip the gokaiger season and into go busters. Saban is contractually obligated to adapt every sentai season now by Toei's demand. They cannot skip. There's one fact for you. Second I love how people whine about them ignoring the pirate theme and it doesn't make sense. If you had watched previous power rangers seasons they have ignored the original theme of their sentai counterpart before like in mmmpr to zyuranger with the dinosaurs or even a more recent one rpm to go onger. Go onger was about stopping pollution and had a comedic tone and rpm was about stopping a computer virus infecting the world and had a post Apocalypse theme. This shouldn't surprise anyone and I already expected it with megaforce. Either you people are new to power rangers and super sentai or just plain stupid.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, this idea sounds a bit stupid but hear me out. What if they use the Gokaiger suits to act as the new Psycho Rangers? It would make sense. The pirate motif would contrast the heroic Megaforce costumes.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    To all the people complaining about how just making these power ups is insulting.
    You're being stupid. Power Ranger fans aren't super sentai fans, if you don't like PR then don't watch and don't get insulted.
    PR should be able to stand on it's own and comparing apples to oranges.

    Also, the power up concept isn't too complicated.
    Just morph from goseiger suits to gokaiger suits in the first episode, the goseiger suits are now keys in the command center, gokai changes make the keys disappear, never use the goseiger suits in the first place unless they want to use the gosei powers in the first place.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    They'll probably do this like how Turbo switched to Space. Looks like the heroes won then new bad guys show up, ruin the hero base, Destroy the old powers, and the heroes go on the run using new suits and powers from who knows where.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm then that means her picture with the guy that played Casey from Jungle Fury was a shooting for the Jungle Fury tribute. Sweeeeeeeeet

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Why do people always say these adaptations "ruin" their beloved Sentai series? That annoys me so fucking much! It's as if their pea sized brains cannot comprehend what an adaptation is! It's NOT supposed to be a copy/paste! Sure, an adaptation will retain some core concepts of it's source material (the suits) but it will have it's differences (story). If you wanted to watch Goseiger, why do you not just watch Goseiger?! All the bitching makes it seem like that's what you want. Just go watch Goseiger, or Gokaiger and be happy! Back to "ruining"! You're aware that when Megaforce is finished... I don't know if I should tell you guys this. It might blow your minds. But... Gokaiger will still be there for you to watch. These shows aren't fucking hard drives that overwrite data. I just don't understand what it means when you people say it "ruins" this or "ruins" that. How?! Explain! Please! Can your mind not make the distinction between Power Ranger and Sentai? Are your memories that easily muddled? Explain what that means to me.

    Then there's the part where you people go on as if KIDS in America/Canada/Where ever else PR is broadcasted know what Sentai, or Tokusatsu is. You really think 7 year old David gives two shits about how much sense it makes for them to change suits multiple times? Really? Yeah, that's what runs through his head after eating his Lucky Charms, and playing with his stuffed animals.

    I don't even watch this show, I only watched the first two episodes and it wasn't working for me (Once again, the Red Ranger is just outclassed in performance by everyone else. I'll give it another shot when Super comes around.). It's just... I don't understand the thought process you guys go through. It doesn't make sense to me.

  36. PR fan Says:

    I agree with a lot of people stating the inconvenience of the new powers and how it flows. I think that at some point, they will axed the idea and instead just use the new suits.

  37. I see... People complaining because of super sentai again??? however, all these years, it has proved again and again that super sentai and power rangers have no connection in stories other than their suits, so why are we even complaining.

    I for instance am happy that they are using gokaiger suits as power up... now, I just want to know how they are writing the story for the ranger legend war...

    Other than that, I have absolutely no complain. Kids love it, some adults are ok with it, its only those who stick to one dimensional thinking would hate it.

  38. I see... People complaining because of super sentai again??? however, all these years, it has proved again and again that super sentai and power rangers have no connection in stories other than their suits, so why are we even complaining.

    I for instance am happy that they are using gokaiger suits as power up... now, I just want to know how they are writing the story for the ranger legend war...

    Other than that, I have absolutely no complain. Kids love it, some adults are ok with it, its only those who stick to one dimensional thinking would hate it.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    this is bs they just kill the story line and srew up everthing and now doesnt make any sense stupid meka people the origanl are the best from my point of view for this sieres ... totally stupid

  40. @JOSH
    "My best bet on how they're going to transcend from Goseiger to Gokaiger suit probably their Megaforce power was gone (maybe it will be destroyed) and they have to find a new power source and that would be the Gokaiger power. Just my guess..."
    I have the same idea, too.

    Do not forget that in their promo period they were showing Legend War clips from Gokaiger. There is a possibility that the "Goseiger" powers will be gone together with the other Power Rangers.

    Guys, please stop whining about Gokaiger being ruined. Power Rangers is Power Rangers, although its roots are from Super Sentai. My opinion is Saban is trying to incorporate some originality to the show like they did in MMPR.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I think Saban stated, initially, they wanted to keep using the goseiger suit all the way through super megaforce. So even with this gokaiger suit now in super megaforce , i think unless offically stated otherwise, we will still have the goseiger suits in every episode.

    now thinking about this and judging it on the stock footage fight scene of gokaiger, and forgetting all the fanboyisms. Its really stupid to have both.

    one way they fight as goseiger in original footage, then morph into gokai suits just to morph into old suits pretty much limiting the gokai suits screen time making it obsolete and pointless to have.

    second way they're like morph into goseiger and then like well we cant beat them like this either by a 2 second fight or straight morph into gokai suits using the gokai suits to the fullest in stock footage. this way the gosei suits are obsolete as they serve no real function.

    a third way would be a mixture of original footage with gosei suit and then gokai suit but in that way it still makes it feel dumb cuz they'll be powering up for no real reason or they'll state that their gosei suit arent strong enough to finish the monster.

    for the zord fight i think they wouldn't film original footage so most likely they'll be using the gokaioh. they could choppily cut mosnter and gosei megazord but lets not get into that. whether stock of original footage for zord cockpit, they'll probably be in gokai suits and have some dumb reason that the zord only works in their gokai suit or not have an explanation for it at all ala the mega mode power for samurai.

    from what is stated there no good balance between the suits something has to be omitted to flow decently.

    not trying to be a fanboy or sentai snob or anything.

    Also b4 all those ppl saying its just a kid show, you like 15-30 years old stop trying to judge kid shows, its stupid cuz its a kid show get over it. i get the whole kid show thing and that they have to dumb things down and omit stuff to make sure our kids stays innocent. I would hope if i had a kid 5-10 years old or w/e the target demographic is would question why they would use both suits in such an asinine way. Saban will probably come up with a really stupid reason or not even go into why they need both suits, so there'll probably never be a good reason why. If you were a parent and you think its okay for something stupid like this is okay for your kids or you think you kid is stupid enough to believe w/e half ass reasoning Saban makes then okay, I shouldn't judge how other parents raise their kid. Me, personally, I would like my kids have a little bit of sense in these things. but hey maybe im nit-picky. stupid show for our stupid kids, i shouldnt try to change society by using PR

  42. all you idiots thinking this is ruining gokaiger, it's only ruining pr so stuff it

  43. Anonymous Says:

    This how i picture the go-buster adaptation...
    Go-buster would make a good sequel to RPM.In RPM finale the villain survive the aftermatch and looking at go-buster whole setting of cyberspace and mechanic. It will fit nicely with it trying to rise again

  44. Jorge Says:

    now I know why saban doesn't want the Megaforce been angels... because they will lose their powers and become into a pirates... I would love to watch them with gokaiger suits... I love gokaiger... but one thing is Super Sentai and another is Power Rangers...

    about Go-buster, could be amazing if they continue the RPM story... but... they are from another time line (dimesion... whatever)... so... they could be the RPM being in this dimension...

    my favourite season is RPM, 'cause its dark, people died, no one was safe (I read in the original story, the rangers will kill the black ranger and that would be awesome!) RPM was original, and when the producer of PR saw the fan-vid in the comic-con (I think) about lord zedd going back and killing people, he said "wow, I like it, its amazing, I always wanted power rangers going dark" or something like that... I really hope they make an amazing season... and that Super Megaforce have more than 20 episodes... I mean they didnt end with goseiger footage, and the can't skip all the gokaiger season.

    we should be thankfull that we will watch past rangers coming to this new season... 'cause a lot of people complain 'cause they want them back and want a legend war but it would be expensive to saban... now we have gokaiger suits... and past rangers coming, we should be happy

  45. Anonymous Says:

    To the annon who said when has Saban skipped a season well let me take you back to mmpr. In case you didn't now the white ranger was a part of a completely different team in the sentai serie. So to answer your question Saban skipped dairanger and said oh let's use the white ranger and put him on a team he doesn't belong to. Oh he skipped from goranger to jetman. Where are these hmm. Why start at zyuranger

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Again lazy ass writing from Saban. Why did we expect anything different ? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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