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David Yost Declines Power Rangers Super Megaforce Cameo

David Yost, known for his role as Billy/Blue Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, posted a tweet that he got invited to join on a cameo appearance in the future episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. But later revealed that he declined it, and his reason is as follows:

A few other Power Rangers cast members either didn't received an invitation, or rejected the offer due to the low pay and Saban's budget restrictions. Filming for the said episodes will be on May 25th and 26th.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the 21st season of Power Rangers continuing the celebration of the series 20th anniversary. The Megaforce rangers, will acquire a new "power up" in Super Megaforce and must be in this "new power-up" (Gokaiger suit) to transform into past rangers... This will also feature the appearance of the "historical rangers".

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38 Responses
  1. Zezlemet Says:

    After learning what happened to him during his time their I don't blame him for saying no

  2. iamjohnnymcb Says:

    Gee I wonder why...

  3. Koushinger Says:

    This is becoming the most depressive anniversary ever, and as much as I love Power Rangers it may be best if it went on hiatus for a few years until Saban (or whoever may own it) gets their act together. To have awesome seasons liek S.P.D. and RPM then be presented with absolute crap, there's just no call for it.

  4. Roddy Says:

    Saban burned too many bridges with former cast to try and do this kind of season. I guess the moral is to stop being dicks.

  5. Considering the shit Saban staff gave Yost over his homosexuality back in the day, I don't fault him one bit. However, like all the other Rangers vets who aren't appearing, he'll be severely missed.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    go figure saban asked someone who obviously was going to turn them down on the spot seeing that he hasnt had anything to do with power rangers since zeo ended.way to go saban.the next thing you know they wont be asking jason david frank to make an apperance.

  7. Oh god this is really gonna suck isn't it... Iv been holding out hope for Super Megaforce but with all these reports of former rangers declining and about Sabans ridiculous practices, and this, This is the las straw for me I have officially given up on Power Rangers. I guarantee that in the future I will still keep up with these news and maybe watch an odd episode or two if I stumble across it, but I just don't care anymore.

    Ill be looking exclusively to Japan and shows from my childhood for my Toku fix from now on.

    Let Me Just say to Saban, thank you for introducing me to this explosive genre of entertainment, and thank you again for killing its future for me, I won't judge anyone who chooses to still watch Power Rangers after this point in fact I encourage you too I just wont be putting up with this shit anymore.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    "dear power ranger"

    lmfao saban

  9. Anonymous Says:

    ... . I will laugh now. Long and hard.

  10. Unknown Says:

    guess saban didnt have enough money in the budget to have somebody spell check their invitation letters to past cast members either. shows how much saban's screwed the fans over with the whole 20 years series.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    This is turning into a disaster. Gokaiger got all of us pump for the Saban adaption and this is the result. Troy can not carry the show and the writers/producers sucks. Now I know how Star Trek fans feel

  12. Anonymous Says:

    After hearing what happened to him during his time in the Saban-era...I don't blame him.

  13. Mangakid, Are you serious? Super Megaforce hasn't even aired yet and you are going to already judge it just because of news like this?

    I feel very bad for you sir!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    why do he need a spefied invitation? And the grammar.. Does it really matter?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    'dear power ranger' alone is totally inappropriate and rude. Its obvious they dont even bother sending or trying to make personal and professional invitation.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    ^ That's what she said. Saban you truly messed up

  17. Anonymous Says:

    there all keep it quiet & not trying to spoil anything.

    really we don't yet til when super megaforce trailer.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    It is somewhat disappointing although to be honest with what David went through I completely understand,

    When I first saw his interview on No Pink Spandex about why he left I almost started crying because that was essentially bullying that he went through, its something that I went through at school especially in high school where it got so bad that I had to drop out and move.

    I also felt a stage of anger as well, because for it to be on a TV show where its supposed to teach children about morals about whats right and whats wrong. And for something like that to happen when they're supposedly taking the moral high ground just seemed disgusting.

    What Saban really needs to do if they really want to make amends with David is to issue a public apology, I know its been roughly 15 years since it happened, but I think its now at a state where a lot more of the public would be understanding than back in the 90's

  19. Anonymous Says:

    With all the bad blood in the water, perhaps saban should retire this old dog. Bet they won't.
    Maybe they should focus on their second try at Kamen rider.Maybe aim it at an older audience.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Uh yes it does. It means that Saban or whoever is sending the emails doesn't care who it is, David Yost was treated like crap because he was gay. Like he said he doesn't want to go back to not being treated with respect, he is just seen as a 'power ranger'

  21. I also think 'Dear Power Ranger' is a poor way to ask the Rangers.

    I also agree about David's other reasons: I'm almost glad he's not coming if the ^&(* that happened did happen (It's a he said, they said with some of the producers, but I'm on David's side on this). Probably would've been a better chance of him coming if this was a Disney season... er, well if PR had lasted this long and Disney's attitude about it had changed.

    Yeah, Disney had good seasons but before we put them on Saban's old pedestal, remember Disney was itching to can PR and only did RPM thanks to a contract. Just sayin, both companies have stains on their records. Disney's strength is that Gokaiger would've already been adapted (for better or worse) and we be talking about Go-Busters adaption.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    The anon a few posts above, what a fanservice hog you are. Don't forget Saban enslaved the original actors for miserable pay in relation to highly demanding filming schedules and personal costs. He is also the one who treated Yost like crap due to his then closet sexuality. To approach him with a generic letter that doesn't even take his name into account proves that Saban still views the former actors as a bunch of low-rank employees who should be grateful he allowed them to work under him. To him they're just a number, and that's just not even the way to treat a former employee in this age and day, let alone to the people that gave a face and personality to the most iconic Power Rangers there ever were.

  23. Zyurangerfan1983
    You have a point but this is the "Anniversary Season". Most fans would love to see previous actors to show up in the series as cameos. The few days have been really disappointing and the letter "dear power ranger"!?
    No one would accept something as disrespectful as that. But, as you said, we must watch it to see the results.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Well, can't say we didn't see this coming. Given the hashtag and all of the shit that David got from Saban, this is his revenge.

  25. @Zyurangerfan1983
    I'm sorry when did I judge it? I didn't say it sucked, how could I haven't seen any of it. I also didn't say it was gonna suck I only meant to say that from this point on I no longer care if it sucks.

    And honestly why shouldn't I judge it based on this? Not the season itself of course poor practices behind scenes be damned good acting+good writing=good show. No what I'm judging and the reason I'm giving up on this franchise is because news like this tells me that Saban doesn't even care enough to use spell check when he is offering people job.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Hahaha damn... well Saban did underpay Yost when he was in Zeo

  27. Namikaze Says:

    Haim Saban is one of the richest people in the world. If he claims budget issues, why won't he sink more of his cash into the budget and provide better pay. If he had done as such, we wouldn't see such issues. Better for the former Rangers who turned down the offer and generic letter; if I was in their position offered next to nothing for a brief cameo, I'd turn the offer down, even if I love the franchise and its fans.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Lol so just out of curiosity, has there been anyone that says they'll return? Cause all I've been seeing is no invites or rejections. Either way I know power ranger is going downhill especially with this messed up goseiger to gokaigers story line.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Wow Saban.... At least have the decency to address your recipient with their names and not a generic name like "power ranger." Saban probably just sent the same generic email to everyone. Sadly, Saban still lives in the past. Hopefully soon they realize you gotta give a little extra to get some profit. Too all the past rangers who had survived the crap that Saban have them, you guys deserve not to come back.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Lol Saban, didn't have enough money to insert a comma. Either that or they didn't wanna go over the word limit xD

  31. Haadorenger Says:

    Splitting headache........... he was my favorite

  32. Unknown Says:

    If Jason David Frank ends turning down the offer, then everything will fucked up.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I knew gokaigers would be impossible to adapt to power rangers seeing as ten of the sentai series aren't in power ranger franchise. Also as a person who grew up watching power rangers, I already noticed it started to crumble after mystic force. Thank goodness that abaranger episode got dubbed in Dino-thunder or I may have never found super sentai. Compared to their Japan counterpart/origins power ranger is just not gonna be popular pass the 10 year old range with most viewers.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I wanted to be hopeful but all this news is sapping that. Sure I can't judge Super Megaforce before seeing it but based on what is known, I can make educated guesses. The lack of care and thought into an anniversary series tailor made for guest appearances combined with already questionable choices in adapting the original source material, makes me feel less than hopeful. I mean, if your budget is so low, than how bout you use as much sentai footage as possible and not require new shootings so you can use both goseiger and gokaiger suits at once?

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I'm kind of surprised that this site hasn't listed any of the people who are either rumored or near-confirmed to be included. For example, jason david frank cancelling a convention appearance during the dates of filming.

    Or danny slavin, aka lost galaxy red apparently accpeting. Or Turbo blue all but confirming. (for those about to go ugh....look him up. He looks ripped and is a 2nd degree black belt. His episode appearance might be more interesting than you'd expect.)

    I think the problem is that since Ssban is trying to keep these appearances a surprise, or controlling how word gets out, that they can't officially confirm yet. But those who arent going or not invinted can confirm, so it's going to be a large distortion.

    also, i'm not buying the disney boycott angle cause we already have a confirmed picture of the Jungle Fury red ranger with Megaforce yellow. Im not in entertainment, but if i have to make a guess i bet a big reason why a lot of Disney era didn't get invites is probably cause Disney used different agencies than Saban, and a lot of times there are various legal issues about using actors from different agencies.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe while there is still a small amount of time Saban should really make an effort to get the rejected offers to change their minds instead of paying and treating them like dirt. What's sad is many of the turn downs are fan favorites of many.

  37. Unknown Says:

    ok i know what happened to him but hes being a dick look the 20 year anniversary isn't about him or saban its for every kid growing up who watched the show and had a huge effect on them and him showing up would mean so much to everyone who has ever been a fan of power ranger i mean jdf gets it and gets why it means so much to kids and people thats why hes preety much always willing to come back and from what i've heard hes about the cheapest to come back. david you need to be an adult suck it up show up for one fucking episode cause it wouldn't be for its for anyone who is a fan and for anyone who the power rangers has ever meant anything too be a fucking adult

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I know david yost has his reasons but he does need to realize that the fans now that grew up in 93 when it first started needs to see him come back as the blue ranger I'm a big fan of the series but he needs to just let bygones be bygones - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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