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Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Finally Revealed

It's finally here! Toy retailers have released our very first look at the upcoming 38th Super Sentai series Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー). This season's main theme are trains. The television series starts airing this February 2014.

At the back, you'll see this year's main mecha, Tokkyu-Oh.

According to previous information, the new series will target not only kids, the usual target audience for a Super Sentai series, but also train enthusiasts. It is also stated that the series will be using a different call sign, トッキュウ1号 for Tokkyu 1 (Tokkyu Ichigou), Tokkyu 2 (Nigou), Tokkyu 3 (Sangou), Tokkyu 4 (Yongou) and Tokkyu 5 (Gogou). And the transformation device will be electronic tickets

Copyright for Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger was registered last September. With the suit revealed, cast members will be announced on late December or early January.

UPDATE: And we got more images from the toy catalog.

A photo of the DX TokkyuOh, which is comprised of five differently colored trains. When lined-up together, it has a length of 1.2 meters, and when combined it stands 275mm!

Seen above is the TokkyuRessha, an item that's needed to be loaded on the TokkyuChanger to transform. Seen at the bottom left side are some of the train designs that is expected to show up within the show.

Next up is this year's transformation device, the DX TokkyuChanger. Meanwhile. on the other page are two additional attachments for the TokkyuOh, Tank Ressha and Car Carrier Ressha. Combining with the mecha, they could form Tokkyu-Oh Tank and Tokkyu-Oh Car Carrier.

Now, we move on to the weapons. On the right is the DX Renketsu Bazooka, comprises of the team's personal weapons: Rail Slasher for Red, Form Trigger for Blue, Shingou Hammer for Yellow, Tunnel Axe for Green, and Tekkyou Claw for Pink.

Meanwhile, on the left is the team's common weapon, the TokyuuBlaster, which transforms from "Uchimasu Mode" (Gun) into "Kirimasu Mode" (Sword). All members also have the TokyuuBuckle and Rainbow Pass.

Lastly, here are some additional toys for Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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206 Responses
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  1. is it april fools already? I hibernated too long.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Looks awful

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Uuuhhmm..... I'm not feeling it...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    WTF with the suit???? Just WTF????!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ..oh...oh god...ooh..ooh god those costumes...

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wat the....

  7. Anonymous Says:

    local toy store...

  8. Raikage Says:

    WTF!!! This is the worst ranger suit, I ever seen

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yay! Yellow is BACK!!!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Costume design look very outdated. Those helmets with rail track visors really let my high expectations doooown!

  11. xman1291 Says:

    ...well those suits are different, kind of reminiscent to Maskman, at least Red's is, Yellow male? or just no skirt, anyways, I wonder how many rangers there will end up being with this season, seeing as Kyoryuger has 10...and hopefully the 6th is White, Purple, Orange, Black, something besides Gold or Silver, which has been the 6th every year since Dekaranger, except for Gekiranger

  12. Unknown Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely awful looking! those suits are a damn eye sore and the mecha looks like something you'd buy in a dollar store.

  14. Unknown Says:

    they look so... showa or pre-zyuranger.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    And we all tought that Kyoryuger was bad. Those suits and mecha seems like Toei is not even trying anymore.

  16. Anonymous Says:


  17. Anonymous Says:

    why its look like that????

  18. Unknown Says:

    it's gonna be interesting to see how saban would adapt this eventually.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Is this some kind of a joke? Those are, if not, the worst Sentai suits I have ever seen.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    i dont hate the suit, i accually like the helmet but the spandex part is just lazy...

  21. Looking to the suit costume design makes me said....


  22. Anonymous Says:

    sorry toei but that's weird design sentai

  23. Anonymous Says:

    i don't know bout what the others think.
    but this is without a doubt looks terrible. i mean look at it. ugh. it could have gone bad...but it became worse. i hope the suit grows on me and may the series maintain the fun and excitement i had with kyoryuger

  24. Anonymous Says:

    seems like i am taking a hiatus on super sentai. see you on 2015

  25. Anonymous Says:

    The Post-Gokaiger era is looking to be a really disappointing era in Sentai. We were really lucky with Kyoryuger.

  26. Whasango Says:

    YEAH! Nominated for "worst series ever".

  27. Anonymous Says:

    uarrrrrggghhhhh my eyes... wtf is that????

  28. Anonymous Says:

    And of course we start off with people crying wtf at the new sentai series. Honestly I need to see more of the suits so that I can get my best opinion. After all everyone didn't like to kyoryuger suits but eventually grew to like them so the same might happen here. I will say my biggest problem as of right now is that the overall suit is too plain and lacks color.

  29. Gaiking Says:

    Oh no, DOOMSDAY FOR SUPER SENTAI!!! Akibaranger as unofficial Sentai has better suit than this!!! Even Go-busters has better suit!!! At least make SUIT AND MECHA as cool as GoGoV!!!

    Toei has made me lose my hope!!!

    To creative team of Super Sentai, when you have no more effort to make Super Sentai, then you should stop this show or take hiatus for a moment!!!

    I will not watch this!!! Zettai ni yada!!!

    See you in 2015!!!

  30. Unknown Says:

    worst suit worst megazord design i guess i will skip 2014 sentai series

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, I always think that we should give a show a chance before judging anything, at least 10 episodes...

    but DAMN! That suit design already threw me off the second it appeared on my eyes. And that Mecha... O_O. Kyoryuger looked silly at first, but the show and the mechas turned out to be really awesome... but this?

  32. Anonymous Says:


  33. Anonymous Says:

    This is the worst design sentai i have seen.. its like children that design the sentai.!! THE WORST!!

  34. Taurus Naratoto Says:

    I find the look of their costume so Showa era something old school sometime is not so bad, I will let this show is chance for surprise us ;-)

  35. Anonymous Says:

    IS SO BAD!!!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    There hasn't been any promo yet and your saying the series is bad.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Toei could have done a lot more with this train motif from the bland suits to the lack of proportion in the mecha.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I hope they suit can catch off like kabuto or something like that, because that suit look like "a playgroup child cosplayer sentai"
    toei must learn from hikarian anime past long ago based from train too, they are cute robo but badass in action...

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Their weapons look dangerously close to go onger

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Cool, back to Goranger basis.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    And also, this is MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    That's what you took from this

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Is that team Shinkansen forming Rail Racer back from "Robots in Disguise" ?

  44. Did Ryotaro from Den-O helped to put this team together? Oh my gosh... I won't be surprised if they have a KR Den-O cameo in future...

  45. Anonymous Says:

    i think they should change the green ranger colour into a black ranger, he look like an alien to me -,- and look lame....

    but relax my fren, we should watch it first, the situation are just like gaim, where people just know to complaining around him,but know as we can see, people really love gaim just like me ^_^

    *peace no war

  46. What the hell at TOEI???

  47. Anonymous Says:

    i am hoping for a cheese in skirt again after yellow is back. but turn out its another sausage fest .....onore toeiii

  48. KamenRiderHowl Says:

    The Toy version of the Mecha looks bad but in show it will probably look great, the henshin device and weapons are good too.
    The only thing I would change is the suit design, because I'm not sure about everyone else but pretty sure a train conductor would have been a better motif for the suits, though it could be used for the Sixth Ranger or DekaMaster Equivalent this season

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys! At least the costumes don't look as weird as the Battle Fever J costumes. Their eyes stare into your souls! I'm sure that this will grow on us anyway. The Mecha actually looks unique to me. Using the leg components as part of the torso is cool,
    Plus... Choo Choo! Chugga Chugga! Choo Choo! I still like this. Good for me!

  50. Who's "We All"?

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Thomas the Train robot way more cooler than this crap. oh my!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    wkwkwkwkw go-busters is much better than this

  53. andry Says:

    What the... I really think they should learn from The Brave / Yuusha series. Yuusha series have a lot of cool train-themed designs..

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Those suits, I mean.. really?

    How come every sentai after gokaiger has been incredibly bad? I miss the Shinkenger and Gokaiger days. :(

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Thank god people like u are not watching.

  56. BC21 Says:

    I'm actually looking forward to this Sentai, this Sentai reminds me of Carranger in a way in design I'm never picky I've watched all episodes of Battle Fever J & I loved it. I'm always gonna respect & ENJOY Toei's shows trough & through

  57. Unknown Says:

    this series is going to bomb big time. i mean come on it looks like the thomas the train transformers that ashens reviewed on his youtube page long ago. bad move very very bad move toei.

  58. Anonymous Says:


  59. Unknown Says:

    ?????o.O?????? What is dis????, mmmmm i think they r out of ideas lol, i dont like the suit and the megazord, the zord r fine but the MEGAZORD come on!!!!!!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    The suits like others have stated reminds me of the Showa era, which isn't really that bad. My only true gripe is the preliminary Gattai. When I saw the opening image I thought, top portion looks great, what's with people hating on it. Then i scrolled down and saw how sparse actually was. I think this might actually go the way of how GekiFire and Engine-Oh.

  61. Unknown Says:

    ???????o.O????????? what is dis????, they r u of ideas lol, i dont like the suits and the megazord, there form zords r fine but the MEGAZORD COME ON!!!!!! the suit it looks like that we r back 80, come on!!!!

  62. Anonymous Says:

    loool this is ugly

  63. Anonymous Says:

    it look really REALLY BAD

  64. Anonymous Says:

    This suit deserves a lot of spit & vomit from us

  65. Anonymous Says:

    So far I really love this. Especially the helmet design, which is very unique with the train tracks. This looks like it could be a very fun sentai. I look forward to future posts.

  66. WillowWisp Says:

    Not...all that sure if I'm feeling these suits. I mean...I guess they look alright, but I think I was expecting some more variety in each suit. Like...I dunno, different shaped visors along with the helmets.

  67. MagiDan Says:

    I agree, that until we see a promo, there is no confirmation that this series won't be good. We thought the same thing about Kyoryuger, and its samba/dinosaur cross. I believe that this series has just the same chance as any other Super Sentai Series.

    As for the suits, well, you can't really argue that they're basic. But, maybe there is some sort of armament, or attatchment, like Kyoryuger's Armed On, that will make them a little bit better. And who knows. The henshin could tell us a lot too.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Just to let everybody know:

    According to Toei tradition, the core team will all get individual powerups this season. That's the most likely reason the suit is so bland right now.

  69. marty Says:

    They look like they should been used for a machine robot themed sentai where sentai memebers turn into robots with visors and the main mecha it not only almost resembles the go go V mecha but it looks like its incomplete .

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Ok guys, to anyone who hasn't noticed, the yellow Tokkyuger is FEMALE. So stop whining to Toei about sexism.
    The designs look really pre-Zyuranger to me, which isn't necessarily bad, so long as the follow the theme.
    Also, a scan showed that the rangers can SWAP COLOURS with each other, by using each others trains. They just keep their numbers. So, not red, blue etc, this time, they're all using all 5 suits!

  71. Dalvron Says:

    At least yellow will be female... Bad first impression, but I'll reserve final judgement until I see the series. In case it's subbed of course.

  72. arale norimaki Says:

    is thomas the train in it

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Well actually i must say it.....what is lacked from dat shitty mecha is just "some detail at the "crotch" part" if they put waist line above the "ball" this mecha will be pretty ok

  74. Anonymous Says:

    it would b a cool suit if i had live during the 70s

  75. When the heroes looks like that, what vil the monsters looklike?

  76. Anonymous Says:


    why did they even bother to create something like this?

  77. Anonymous Says:

    LOOOOOOOOL Noooooo way! Those suits look hilariously bad! Hahaha that is boooold of Toei! Those suits looks like something that came out of a low budget sentai rip off!

    I hope the story is better than those suits!
    Honestly? I'm strangely looking forward to this. Bring it on 2014!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Am I the only one getting a serious Go-onger vibe from the Henshin devices and the Weapons? I'm including their mecha's sword as well... and One more question; weren't their suits rumored to be leather like like in Go-busters? (obviously I know it was just a rumor, but still that would have been awesome)

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Please don't make yellow a guy!

  80. Anonymous Says:

    Just like rpm series sentai. Toei let LSD kid design suits and mechs again

  81. Anonymous Says:

    Robotnya ngangkang kaya ga punya celana..

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Biggest challenge to this Sentai is to make the story better

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Cliche Reactions from JEfusion people: April fools, looks ugly, bad, what are they smoking, mecha looks like shit.

    My Reaction from first pic: oh my, those train track visors look horrible!!! But then I took a deep breath and looked at the other pictures.

    Suit design: Awesome, Original. First sentai since GoGoFive from 1999 to go back to traditional white boots and gloves look. Reminds me of Carranger but yet the train tracks visor makes it different and gives it a new and refreshing look but yet it has that retro sentai look.

    Mecha: first thought they had animal faces and got worried but them I found out it was just the little lights. Not bad individually. Mecha combination, it's a freaking rainbow train robot!! and the legs look so dinky. But then I saw the face and it looked awesome. Again reminds me of GoGoFive. Proportion may be very off from Sentai standards but, it's different and it reminds me of Transformers. So if you like transformers, then this is for you. As for another limp swapping season, whatever.

    Changer: holy shiittt, it's a henshin brace!!! oh my god, that won me over. Winner

    Weapons: looks like Go-Onger, cool because I love Go-onger.

    Conclusion: I love it, the helmet is very original and I know people hate it but it's not that bad. I love how it goes back to the classic sentai look with the white gloves and boots plus a henshin brace!!!! Awesome.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Yeesh, those suits are almost too basic. In comparison, I think the Go-Buster suits were terrific and unique. The Kyoryugersuits aren't the best, but I thought they were overly complicated. These suits look overly simplistic. I'll pass.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not getting on the hate train for this. Give it a chance, people. You say the same thing about every new series. "The suits are ugly, why the change, wtf, c'mon toei, was better, omg the mecha blegh, RUINED FOREVER, etc., etc., etc."...what you need to do is not judge the series yet. The story can be AMAZING, for all you know. And STOP COMPARING EVERYTHING TO GOKAIGER. Yes, Gokaiger was awesome. That does't mean everything should be compared to it. This is not Gokaiger. This is Tokkyuger. It's a brand new series that, even if you hate the suits, you'll still watch.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    You know it's bad when AkibaRanger, a parody Sentai, has WAY better design than this shit. Also, the suit reminds me of this parody:

    Even Sport Rangers has better designs.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    I am sooooo hoping they are doing like Dynaman...throwing out "test" suits and then changing them later on...

  88. Anonymous Says:

    gogoV train zord was so much better then this one ,they sure got lazy with that megazord

  89. Anonymous Says:

    why toei why, the henshin device and weapon looks cool but the suits, the mecha it looks too..... ugh u know what i mean. for now i only hope that it will have a good storyline and good 6th ranger

  90. Anonymous Says:

    what the hell is that mecha??!!
    just some train stuck side by side..!!

  91. Anonymous Says:

    These costumes are fine. Here's a community of adult fans that get butt hurt over the costumes on a kids show. Stop ruining fun shows with ridiculous fandom.


    My face when I see how they react. Given the circumstances, the toku community is worse than the Doctor Who community.

  92. Ren Says:

    I didn't think Toei was capable of making suits that look cheaper and uglier than the Gobuster suits. I've been proven wrong.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    DIldo-oh. Dildo Gattai! seriously lazy. like lazy taken in a very very literal sense.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Power Rangers: Train Force......Yaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!

  95. Unknown Says:

    Ok the suits and mecha are bad. But we can't call it a bad Sentai if we haven't seen a promo or episode.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    The suit isn't awful, but that mech is hideous and the changer looks like its from kamen rider

  97. Anonymous Says:

    This is.... really sad, it;s just doesn't look right, for 2014, unless there going cheap like,... Saban.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    i dont normally complain like other people do about these shows.but im not crazy about the costumes designs either.but im going to give the series a chance and still watch it.seeing that power rangers still suck in the usa and theres nothing else to watch.unless someone releases english subs of older sentai series thats never been subbed.ohranger,gingaman,kakuranger,car ranger etc.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Don't like it,don't watch it.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    I haven't skipped an series since Goseiger. Looks like I'll be skipping this one as well. Did they just give up over at Bandai?

  101. Anonymous Says:

    If you keep looking at the suits and gatTia long enough, it sort of grows on you...

    I think I'll learn to like the Sentai's design sooner or later...

    Let us not judge a book by its cover, shall we?

  102. Unknown Says:

    I think those suits are really cool looking. Simple ones like go-busters. Peoples are saying those are bad looking, but hey if you don`t like those suits, keep it yourself. I hate peoples were saying about go-busters and kyoryugers like``they are so ugly and those are bad that will not watch this sh*t´´ AND what happened peoples are saying that kyoryugers and go-busters were awesome. So don`t judge before you see them in show. I want to say that if these are ugly looking then ALL super sentai suits are bad looking. I can`t wait to see the in show.

  103. Anonymous Says:

    btw yellow is female because in th last pic u can see her with a skirt.

  104. Unknown Says:

    wow... this is what they look like... ok...I admit that it isnt bad as battle fever j... but the designs are crap! I see that their suits have the primary colors but theres too much of it and even worse the visors and the designs on their chests are crap even though they are representing a train sentai! As for the mecha it is a huge disappointment. C'mon we saw gogo v train robo and it looked badass for a start,but the megazord is so simple,bland,and weird looking. It just looks like you put the pink and yellow trains on the blue and green then put the red in and flip it to make the head. i will give this sentai a shot,but considering we've seen costumes and megazord designs from sentai like gokaiger,shinkenger,and go-busters,hell even goseiger,with our newest dino sentai,they fall flat on its face. Hopefully this is a joke...I'm praying

  105. Unknown Says:

    For my part, I'm done with making knee-jerk reactions about newly-announced Toku series. I didn't like Kyoryuger's suits and mecha at first, but it turned out great. I thought Gaim's fruit theme was really pushing the silly envelope for Kamen Rider, but it's had a very strong showing so far.

    I won't make the same mistake a third time. I'm reserving my judgement until I actually see a few episodes of the show. Still photos in magazines are no substitute for actually seeing a sentai in action.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Look at that! They're adorable! ^.^

  107. WELL Says:

    Baka yaro TOEI -you designers characters is users in drugs exentrics o_o

  108. Anonymous Says:

    These really look like a dollar store Halloween costume. The helmet might be better when seen in motion but the suits are just ass.

    and the Train mecha looks like someone lost a bet and had to use their 4 year olds doodles to design it.

    that's what this feels like, someone lost a bet.

  109. Anonymous Says:

    yeahh...the child will like it..train sentai of lack an idea

  110. Anonymous Says:

    The suit is awful, the megazord is awful, the helmet is awful, everything is just awful

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Suits look like Chikyu Sentai Freshmen, you can see them from this link:

    It's very funny!!!

  112. Unknown Says:

    First thing I saw, I went, Welcome to the silly helmet squadron. I'm not going to spit flames at this, just comment. It looks like Toei tried to seriously go train on this. Some of it works, like the bracer. I also like how the teammates can swap out what color they are. I also like the idea of trains, but everyone will agree with me, that they didn't execute this terribly well. The colors are very pastel-like, fitting for a Rainbow line, but irritating to our eyes. The mecha could also have used some serious work. It looks like a simple figure from the 80's when almost every other mecha has had some sort of stylization that helped them. Also, remember how cool the Gokai Galleon was? I wish the Red car was that good. The Mecha suffers from no stylization and from annoyingly bright colors, which has elicited the negative response. I do like the auxiliary cars, though. That may be just me, but having an additional train clip on as a weapon system is me gusta. The shared weapon looks blah. It's a fat pistol that turns into a ridiculously fat sword. The individual weapons are a bit better. But I look at this thing, and think; What could cause such distasteful choices in design? I take another look, and see an itty bitty train car in each device the team has, and that has got me thinking.

    I do believe that the cause for such sacrifice in design is to allow for a function that can work in conjunction with the junction that model train owners already posses. That is to say, the trains move automatically in some fashion, and that is used as basis for many of the design choices.

  113. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, some of you guys are acting like drama queens right now.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    R.I.P. Super Sentai :'(. On to Kamen Rider my friends!

  115. Unknown Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. The mecha looks like shit and the suits...the suits are practically the worst suits I have ever seen in a Sentai; and even weirder than Battle Fever J.

    The mecha toyline looks like what Bandai of America puts out and I can't even begin to imagine how it will convert here. Kyoryuger and Go-Busters have superior designs suit wise of the post Gokaiger era.

    Toei and Bandai, seriously, wtf?! I seriously think that if this series sucks horribly, they need to put Sentai on hiatus for a bit.

  116. Anonymous Says:

    Really I do not think it is so bad. I mean Go onger and Dekaranger were simplistic and did not have much going on, so why aren't you hating them? All of you who said Showa looked better than this, you really need to see an eye doctor. - The Swedish meatball

  117. Anonymous Says:

    People, just relax. Its the off season of Sentai so of course its going to mediocre. The suits are silly yes but, I think they then the generic, dull suits of Go-Busters. Also, they look exactly how they should look, like they are on a show for kids.
    Anyway, I'm hoping for a Den-O crossover!

  118. Frankenstein Says:

    They said "the new series will target not only kids, the usual target audience for a Super Sentai series, but also train enthusiasts."

    WTF!!! Train enthusiasts will definitely not watching this ugly suck suit and mecha sentai!!!

    TOEI should take hiatus in order to get more creative idea and cooler design for Sentai, just like kamen rider!!!

  119. Anonymous Says:

    That's the new super sentai team? It looks like a fan sentai group... A bad cosplay... XD

  120. Anonymous Says:

    Wow... they went retro and further back...

  121. Reich Says:

    I've never take a part to complain about suit and mecha for Super Sentai. But now I must take a part!!

    This suit has ruined my hope for the new Sentai. Looks like they have no effort to make a better Sentai after Gakaiger, except Kyoryuger!!

    We can't compare Kyoryuger and Gaim with this ugly Sentai. Kyoryuger and Gaim have much better design. But Tokkyuger suit and Mecha design are just a TRASH!!!


  122. JumpTheShark Says:

    Why you all got to be haters. At least Super Sentai isn't a fruit theme. Stop being haters.

  123. Anonymous Says:

    the suits look plain, the mecha looks stupid, and the gattai looks like they got a middle-schooler with no creativity to make it

    let's just hope it's a joke or otherwise it'd better be more than meets the eye

  124. Anonymous Says:

    These suits make Gaim and the Kyoryugers look awesome! Even the Battle Fever J suits had redeeming qualities! If the series sucks, then I'll be skipping Sentai.

  125. Anonymous Says:

    O...okay, after the initial shock of "WTFH?!" has worn off. I just noticed, they can change numbers/suit colors? So is it they can all be all one color or only one of each?

  126. Anonymous Says:

    ...Also yellow is female! It's hard to see but that is a skirt.

  127. Anonymous Says:

    I expected more from tokkyuger but unfortunately I was wrong. Well it's official happiness charge precure is more worth watching...hell even super Megaforce is better to watch than this.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    You know, I kinda laughed at this, and thought "Wow, how retro does this look!?" And it got me thinking... Could this be the "Neo Showa" Sentai we've been waiting for?! If a Football gets kicked around in this show I'm all up for it! lmao!

  129. Anonymous Says:

    The early bird complains about the worm.

  130. SentaiFan500 Says:

    I've always given super sentai , kamen rider, and toei, I'm a huge sentai fan. I was really excited for this and when I read it and see the suits i was bummed. I will at least give it chance.This sucks big time.

  131. Anonymous Says:

    Yellow is female, look at last pic at the lower left

  132. Anonymous Says:

    Looks pretty bad for an official Toei series. I've seen better "local hero" costumes

  133. Anonymous Says:

    the helmets are alright, but the suit with that crest/symbol on the chest.. yeah looks like someone came up with that in 20 minutes.. on MS paint.

  134. Unknown Says:

    Okay well here i come to its dfense. I'll be the first to admit when i saw the suits last night when it was posted and was seriously wtf. but now that i have actually had time to think about it and really think about the concept its completely original. First of all this is the first time we have done a complete train theme for the entire team, second suits arent really that bad i can think of some worst shows where the suits are alot worst. yea its a bit plain but we all know that we are always hit and miss when we first see the suits they come up with. Gekiranger no one liked that they didn't have belts, Kyoryuger everyone thought that it was ridiculous. now for mecha they do look really plain as well but these are just the toy pics, the toys are always bulkier then the show version. if you really look at it there is alot of potential for this one to go far, kids loves trains and this will probably be a good one for kids. seriously all you negative people really need to think of the potential this show will have.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    All aboard ro the NOPE train!!

  136. Fenix Says:

    Relax my friend, this 2014 sentai just cycle of Good - Bad sentai
    Shinken good
    Gosei bad
    gokai good
    Gobuster bad
    Koryuger good
    Ressha sentai bad?
    At last in 2015 the sentai will good again.
    Just enjoy the show

  137. Anonymous Says:

    This what happens when you run out of ideas. I think they should let the locals to choose a theme. Ex: Music

  138. It looks very old school great! Very nostalgic of the pioneer teams. No bad theme for me, no bad sentai, even the enemies are good ha-ha-ha. Hade ni ikuze! Come on guys.. are you really sentai fans? You don't wanna be ugly in our eyes.

  139. Anonymous Says:

    Even the Thomas and Friends megazord look better than this crappy megazord!!!

  140. Anonymous Says:

    WOW Flashman suits looks better than that shit I just saw. WTF Toei!! The new mecha has to be joke. Please oh please let this be a joke.

  141. Anonymous Says:

    the suits and mecha are odd and don't feel right even with the older sentai teams. super sentai can save it with a great story but i am worried about power rangers, what can saban do to make it work in any form other then skip this train series and go to next years super sentai.

  142. Saiffxiii Says:

    The suits look alright. I expected more though. I'm giving it a shot because the train theme seems cool and I'm excited to see how the characters will play out.

  143. Anonymous Says:

    Despite the suit and the mecha design being bad, I'm going to give a chance for this show since I liked trains since I was a kid..Hoping it would be a bit more darker like gobusters

  144. Anonymous Says:

    Uggh!!! My eyesssssss!! This usually I would have expected or seen from those sentai rip off...... are the designers getting lazy or out of ideas??.... might start to think employ new designers...

  145. Unknown Says:

    I dont wanna be that guy but this looks terrible

  146. Anonymous Says:

    I like it the name, the suit, weapon, the changer, the train model mecha, and the hero change into colors like gokaiger change into different senta team. And I think this new 38th sentai will be Awsome!!!.

  147. I wasn't too thrilled with the suits. First time I wasn't that thrilled. However, after a few hours, they're growing on me. I think I'll like them soon, although I won't stop people bashing them.

    However, not watching the show and calling it trash just based on the suits?! No, no, no. Five episodes. Please wait at least til then before you call it ruined.

    IMHO I actually like the big robo so far. I'll be sure when we see the suit since the first art and toy looks like kaka. I hated the Kyoryu robo and nearly every robot until the first suit pics were shown. The fact I like this one bodes well for me.

  148. DENSHA-NOPE Says:

    Fruit themed still beats train themed.

    Kamen Rider > Super Sentai.

    Get over it.

  149. Anonymous Says:

  150. DENSHA-NOPE Says:

    You do know you are back-peddling, right?

    The suits are horrible. Even if the story is "good" the fact is we have to watch and cringe when we see this spandex in action.

    So get off your high-horse and just complain like the rest of us.

  151. DENSHA-NOPE Says:

    Those are already subbed.

  152. Unknown Says:

    It's BOARDING time!

  153. DENSHA-NOPE Says:

    The Go-Buster suits were made out of leather, not spandex.

    So they weren't cheap. Durr.

  154. DENSHA-NOPE Says:

    To be fair, this series is suppose to appeal to adult fans as well.

  155. 火野 映司 Says:

    I compare everything to Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

    Now that was a better series than Gokaiger.

  156. Anonymous Says:

    I think it just takes a while. When you think about it how many sentai look good in the reveal stills for the first time?

  157. Anonymous Says:

    they wanted to appeal to old fans so it looks showa-ish also in the last
    picture yellow has a skirt

  158. Anonymous Says:

    I was seriously hoping a suit design similar to Timeranger. The series had better be good to make up for the awful suit designs. This is seriously the first time I've thought a Sentai has an ugly suit.

  159. Anonymous Says:

    This is what happens if Showa designs were in the Heisei era: it won't work!

  160. I kinda like the suit and the trai megazord, but i do dislike the megazord colors. it'll be nicer if it white or black and a little color lining. beside its kinda good to go classic for once, ah the memories.
    am i the only one like the overall of this sentai.

  161. Anonymous Says:

    Knew the suits would be bad.....

  162. Finally someone who isn't making Sentai drama.

  163. Anonymous Says:

    Guys calm down its not that bad it's gaim all over again

  164. Anonymous Says:

    I think anon 31 is right we should stop complaining.

  165. Anonymous Says:

    Densha-Nope don't you ever come back to this site again

  166. DENSHA-NOPE Says:

    Suits and mecha: looked bad

    Weapons: looks good

  167. Anonymous Says:

    December 7, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    Good point. I forgot that TOEI has leap seasons I guess they're testing the waters for the big 40th season coming up in a few years. Still, these outfits look terrible.

  168. Anonymous Says:

    Wow oh wow this has to take the cake for worst looking suits/concept for a sentai. How/why did they choose this. I definately cantsee if being a dramaa season. Has to be more silly/goofball season ie carranger, dt/rpm/magic season pr counterparts.

    Come three yrs time for pr. If gobusters is dragged over two seasons. I curious to see what pr will do with this. No waay to change it up like zeo/turbo,space or rpm. We are probably instore for a real goofy pr season.

  169. Anonymous Says:

    "Let my train, GROW!"

  170. Anonymous Says:

    Super Sentai: 1975-2014, R.I.P

  171. Anonymous Says:

    "Fruit themed still beats train themed."


  172. Unknown Says:

    The costumes are ok, but they are missing something, they don't feel complete

  173. Unknown Says:

    the suite's are ok, but they are missing something and feel incomplete

  174. To be honest with you all, I want to see something different. This looks different enough! I kind of like the sentai suits and can't wait to see this new show. Don't give this show a thumbs down just yet. We all just might admire the show. Kyoryuger was only okay to me. I wanted to see some different type of mecha besides animals to. All trains for mecha sound very interesting to me.

  175. Anonymous Says:

    This is the worst suit i've ever seen. This is UTTER CRAP. Although i like the idea of the megazord combination but overall it still needs more work.

  176. Unknown Says:

    the suits looks like UTTER CRAP!!!!!

  177. Anonymous Says:

    Should've made the visors V-shaped & added a X on the torso with their # on the side.

  178. Gaim ID Says:

    I don't understand what the producer think.. -__-"

  179. Rick Xeros Says:

    I think you're all missing the bigger question.... When are they doing a Den-o Crossover for this? :P

  180. I'm all ready for Choochooranger.

    This looks so retro and off the wall that I have to see what they have cooked up. LOL

  181. WHY-THO Says:

    So, the new sentai is apparently Go-Onger + Den-O, but with crappy suits..
    and yellow is back, but he's a guy. (ie. no skirt)
    .. If the actor/actress.. mainly actress is decent, and the plot is fine, I can sit through it.
    .. but if the design is as terrible as Kyoryuger's plot, then I don't understand why TOEI has created this.. i mean, c'mon..
    Did they really go out with all the toys for Kyoryuger that this sentai has to suffer?
    I'm beginning to theorize this series will suck on purpose to promote Super Megaforce in the US.

  182. Anonymous Says:

    their helmets look too similar because of the train tracks. It would have been 100 times better if there were no train tracks on the helmet, but on the chest or arm/leg cuffs.

  183. I've been thinking, there is a hope for this suit to be re-designed to suit Sentai fan's taste.

    Like adding some silver lining on rail lines right through left chest, then again some of silver color plating on the right chest as well.

    Some Sentai series such as Battle Fever J and Dynaman also made some little modifications over the suit from the early promotion many years ago before the TV series release, so why not we can do that on Tokkyuger?

    For now let's safely assume to said this: this suit is just for early promotional only. Until the TV series' release date very soon, we'll see Tokkyuger's real suit after a slight modifications later. We'll see how it works.

  184. Unknown Says:

    OH MY

  185. Anonymous Says:

    Wait I just noticed something. When I was looking at the henshin gimmick, it was clearly shown that the orange and cyan trains might be able to interact with the henshin device ; so does that mean that there will be a lot of rangers (like kyoryuger) in this season?

  186. Anonimous Says:

    Even this ( looks way more respectable than the Tokkyu-Oh. Here's hoping that this catalog is just one incredibly elaborate hoax to conceal the real designs till a much closer announcement.

  187. Anonymous Says:

    This is going to fail and derail. Last Super Sentai.

  188. Anonymous Says:

    I don't know what's uglier, that suit design, or the mecha design...

  189. No bad sentai theme for real sentai fans ha-ha-ha! They look like Dekaranger, I'm sure they'd be awesome. Or a stupid idea they might Cast off.

  190. Unknown Says:

    Are u fu*king kidding me, Toei? -_-
    This's the worst super sentai i've ever seen!!! R.I.P Super Sentai.

  191. i don't think it's that bad. i just think its lacking something on the costume, especially the torso part, helmet is fine though. look forward to it

  192. Anonymous Says:

    This Thomas the Tank Engine Transformer looks better than REssha Sentai Tokkyuger robot.

  193. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like garbage (like very year since..I don't know, so much time) but we'll have to wait for the show to start to see the "garbage level". It will be Kyoryuger-garbage-level, Goseiger-garbage-level, Gokaiger or Go-onger-garbage-level?

  194. Anonymous Says:

    99% people say: this is so awful...ugly...bad or dont believe with this costumes...


  195. Anonymous Says:

    If it even makes it before 2016...

  196. Anonymous Says:

    TOEI needs to take a rest, that thing showed us that they are going nuts.

  197. Unknown Says:

    well, i guess they're going for a comedy inclined theme.these series should better leave me crying on the floor laughing or i'll be one of those guys to skip this year's sentai

  198. I really thought it'll be a great series like Dekaranger, I just hope the characters has the charm and hope it has a very nice story and villain of course and dying comrades. Or this might be the best sentai ever.

  199. Anonymous Says:

    Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Oh God...

  200. Anonymous Says:

    I feel that Toei could have done more with these suits.
    And the gattai is so bad...

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