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Gokaiger Suits Spotted in Power Rangers Super Megaforce Filming

After the Gormin and GokaiYellow helmet seen at the past Power Rangers Super Megaforce filming, a new image shows the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger suits lining up, ready for battle. As previously revealed, the Gokaiger suits will be used as a "power-up" for the Megaforce rangers.

Last month, GokaiGreen's boots were spotted in filming. And... more images from the recent filming:

Based on the previous information, everything related to Goseiger will be spread into 20 episode first season. The Megaforce rangers, via still unknown means, will acquire a new "power up" in Super Megaforce and must be in this "new power-up" (Gokaiger suit) to transform into past rangers.. This is in addition to the "Super Goseiger" power-up they will attain in Episode 11 (based on the episode title, Ultra Power).

via RangerCrew Blog

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77 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    OH HELL NO!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Power Ups, Power Ups, Power Ups....

    They should s=just have them lose their powers then have Gosei or someone else give them NEW Powers.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OH HELL NO!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    :/ Super

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh please, please make it good and don't ruin Gokaigers overseas.....

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    what is this? they really screwed up the entire show. americans didn't know anything. they just a show destroyer. they really destroy japanese sentai by making it into power ranger. i curse saban and whoever watch their show.

  9. they might as well just kill the Super Sentai series right now. because Power Rangers will continue to f*** it up and insult it as long as it continues.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    They destroyed gokaiger but i think they wont make worse kyoryuger then it is i think itll be first win for saban

  11. Appie Says:

    you all dont understand shit super sentai fan boys

    i like bothe
    each show has its charme

  12. Anonymous Says:


  13. The fact there are Goseiger and Gokaiger suits proves it. Still not sure about it, but ask me this time next year about if it failed or not.

    To all those saying Gokaiger and Sentai will be ruined... Will PRM come and replace Gokaiger? Has PR ever made SS unwatchable, as in can't see? SS and Gokaiger are fine. :)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Would you like to petition saban to skip gobuster and adapt kyuranger instead?

  15. Ketchup Says:

    Maybe Japan should import some American super heroes like make a show where Iron Man is a power-up of Batman. And he'll merge together with Darth Vader and transform into Gandalf. Together, the forces of good will battle the evil Bugs Bunny franchises.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Saban, fuck you. Why don't you just retain the Goseiger suits completely and replace Ranger Keys with Power Cards?!

    I know they wanted to use Gokaiger suits to use the Japanese footage, but can't they do something original, which is original fight scenes?! Fucking lazy.

    And what makes matters worse, is to see Jake turn into GokaiGreen, as well as Gia ruining Luka Millfy T_T

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hey give them a chance . Don't get me wrong, the minute saw these I was excited and scared but this might be good and if it ain't we all will have marvelous and the team gokia scramble there asses.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    You guys ate a bunch of Sentai Purists just like the genwunners from the Pokemon fanbase. Heck. some of you even act worse than the COD fanbase. Anyways I'm looking foward to this and I hope Saban and Bandai of America decide to bring the S.H Figuarts for the Gokaigers here in America like the way they did with ShinkenRed.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are making me despise gokaiger. Not saban, the fans. Gokaiger wasn't even that great of a series.

  20. Unknown Says:

    Seriously? Seriously you guys? Stop with all the HATE. Be happy that they are USING the suits. Stop complaining and be supportive. I've seen both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. Both are equally good. There's no need for all this stupid HATE on a kids show. So just stop it and enjoy it.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Why don't you guys just ignore the show? You're not really the target audience in the first place. They're targeting the kids who can't read and understand Japanese.

  22. Unknown Says:

    What is with all the HATE? Seriously guys its just a show. Everyone complained that they weren't going to use the Gokaiger suits and when they are about to use them they complain that its going to suck as a "Power-Up" form. Be happy at least they are USING them. I have seen bot Power Rangers and Super Sentai and both are equally great shows. So stop complaining and enjoy the show.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    The gokaiger suit is a power up of a power up? And ever so suddenly black becomes green? That is so messed up..

  24. Look you stupid idiots if you want to watch Super Sentai then go watch Super Sentai.

    We get it you don't like Power Rangers but commenting on every Power Rangers story about how Saban is killing Super Sentai.

    Super Super Sentai will never be killed by Saban, without no Super Sentai there would be no Power Rangers.

    So please stop moaning and complaining, go to a fansub website and watch as much Super Sentai as you want.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    If they really are doing this they gonna ruin everything

  26. Anonymous Says:

    How can they destroy Gokaiger? They haven't. It still exists and hasn't been touched by Americans. They have on the other hand taken the suits and created a completely different and totally idiotic storyline for the American kids who unfortunately know not what they are missing.
    How I miss the days of just dubbing foreign shows in America.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Bad pirates

    It's time for laughs next year,when Noah gains the Gokai Blue powers(sad Joe Gibken :( )

  28. Anonymous Says:

    would any one like to petition saban to skip gobuster and adapt kyuranger instead?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    @andrew elliot

    Dude, get off your high horse. Everyone here has a right to voice their opinions and concerns as much as you do. So far, Saban has not been impressive with their revitalization of the franchise. They have botched every opportunity to turn Power Rangers into a well scripted, well acted, well produced show. Times have changed. No longer will fans tolerate half assed writing from so called professionals. Gokaiger is a beloved series. No one wants to see Saban and his team of suits make a mockery out of it. So far, it doesn't look good. Hell, even the overall 20th Anniversary Celebrations are a complete joke.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    the issue I have is I loved the old PR stuff and have had to watch it get worse and worse AND WORSE. That's why I hate Saban. because they can't write the show anymore. they are just getting lazier and lazier. I didn't think Disney could have been beat for how much they made it suck but I guess Saban took that as a challenge.

  31. they look amazing in that photo. im excited.

  32. JOSH Says:

    I love the Super Sentai series first but the Power Ranger series is also well appreciated in my end.

    At first, I also feel skeptic about how would Saban handle the adaptation between Goseiger and Gokaiger.. but hey, why am I so concern? That's how adaptation works. They trying to create a different perspective on this series for American audience (kids in particular). Right? If you think about it, that's how the Power Ranger series was handled even before.. from Mighty Morphin they change to Zeo, then Turbo... then the Space-themed Power Ranger in which, in the original Sentai, Megaranger had nothing to do with Space at all. I find that clever if you ask me. Creating a unique concept completely different from the source material.

    I guess the reason most of us are raging on today's Power Ranger is because we're so attach now in Super Sentai. I'm also guilty with that. But I realize that the Power Ranger series is suppose to be a different entity from Super Sentai and it should be treated in different perspective.

    I guess its natural if we're nitpicking some minor stuffs but we should also enjoy it by its own right.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    @anons 11 & 12

    I would petition it. Mainly because I personally don't see the ideaology of combing a Sentai anniversary series and the previous sentai one-year ago as two continuing seasons of the Power Rangers 20th anniversary. They should've just stick with adapting Goseiger thoroughly from the 1st arc as season one and then show the Super Goseiger forms in season two. In other words, this idea for Saban in the rangers' 20th anniversary isn't going to work.

  34. First five episodes. If Super Megaforce fails in it's first five episodes then I quit Power Rangers.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    If they're going to use the suits as a power up, this would be a great opportunity to skip the Goseiger vs shinkenger and the gokaiger vs goseiger adaptations and just make a super hero war adaptation where the mega force rangers battle all the suits brought to life on their own and get help from the VR troopers, masked rider, and the beetleborgs while closing all loose ends.
    Not only would that make this season better, but that would make this a grand 20th celebration of the power rangers. Not super sentai, but power rangers. Sentai fanboys can fuck off, they had their 35th anniversary series and it wasn't that great anyway. Besides, megaforce is a step up from the really gay Goseiger so far. No denying that goseiger was good but fruity as fuck. Gokaiger was just a big ass gimick that got showed up by akibaranger, the true 35th sentai.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Saban isnt ruining Gokaiger. Nothing they do will make you love or hate the sentai series any more or less.

    Did Samurai ruin your love of Shinkenger or make you appreciate it more?

    Power rangers is designed for a younger audience, and are limited creatively by being forced to use Saban footage. They only have so much budget for new actors, scenes, effects, etc and have to work around footage that oft-times does not fit american audiences or are too violent for tv-7 rating.

    Sentai has a lot more freedom cause they are creating everything, focus on a broader audience, and realize that children are far more mature than the american rating system credits them. (kids can't handle death. really. tell that to the slew of adults who grew up Transformers fans partly because they KILLED OPTIMUS PRIME).

    Frankly, i'm surprised Saban is going so far with the ranger reunion stuff. I had thought they'd acknowledge the past with just the rangers key and maybe a key guest star here or there like they did in Forever red or Once a Ranger, but looks they are going to spend a whole 20 episode season as tribute. Just watch and enjoy. or if you like sentai more, IGNORE AND WATCH SENTAI.

    Seriously, watching PR after Sentai is a bit silly from the standpoint that you know the power-ups, zord upgrades and combos, and a lot of the finishes already. chances are you're going to be bored if you don't like the kid-friendly or american aspects. so watch Kyoyuger. It's a great fun series so i see no reason why not.

    (Oh, and if you're going to complain about Power rangers copying sentai - it's an adaptation, of course it will copy. it needs to - sentai appears to be copying some Power Rangers terms and aspects already like power up modes (a few seasons after Battlelizer modes debuted we see nearly every Sentai team have a form of power up from Dekaranger on), "it's morphin time" in Go-busters despite never mentioning morphing in connection to their power, "megazord" and megazord keys to describe mechas, and now Spirit Ranger in Kyoryuger after the use in Jungle Fury.

    if an idea is good it will be copied. fact of life.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Andrew, If all you Sentai fanboys hate power rangers so much, then why bother wasting your time commenting and go watch Sentai. Spreading hate on here will not solve anything and no matter how much you do, Saban won't give a single fuck. And by the way, power rangers in no way is killing Sentai because Saban doesn't own it, he owns POWER RANGERS. Regardless of whether Saban adapts a Super Sentai series horribly or not will not affect the outcome of Sentai which is owned by Toei. Both Power Rangers and Super Sentai have their own strengths and weaknesses and led by different people.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not PR hater but I feel this is very very stupid.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    this is a great group shot, let's be lucky the gokaiger suits are seeing use at all.

    even though things aren't going the way of the adult, we have to remember it is targeted at children and children alone.

    it will get better either before the old man dies in office or retires, or after the old man dies in office or retires.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Holy Friggin Bacon this page is full of eternally-unsatisfied so-called ranger/sentai "fans" who think 'Sentai -> Rangers = the end of the world'. NO OFFENSE to those who give a chance.
    Seriously you guys,
    Super Sentai & Power Rangers are not meant to be compared anyway.

    I remember EXACTLY that all of us wants "ORIGINALITY" in Megaforce after what've happened to 'Samurai'..
    Then BOOMSHAKALAKA Saban heard all of you guys by treating Goseiger & Gokaiger in a concept that has never been done in Sentai (or probably past seasons) in terms of storyline and the use of props/footages as well - and most of y'all still complaining because it "ruined Gokaiger"??????

    Here's "RUINED" for you..

    Luka grows beard & dingdong mid-season. That's RUINED.
    Marvelous has a guilty pleasure of wearing women's clothing. That's RUINED.
    Gai loves to blow, which explains why his mouth is so trouty. That's RUINED.

    The show (Gokaiger) is over. It's not ruined.
    It's adapted, not retold like Samurai.
    And I think you guys should thank them for listening to some of your inhumanly demanding complains.

    I'd like to see how they treat both Goseiger & Gokaiger for the next season.
    Just because it's treated as a "Power-Up", doesn't mean that it will be as ugly as your girlfriend (if you have any).

    PS: Sorry for being harsh, just can't stand seeing all those complains and whines from (what I think would be) adults.

  41. Haadorenger Says:

    i would just like to know HOW in the friggin way they would explain: a PIRATE THEMED POWER UP for a pro-nature/tiki themed ranger power.

    i mean really? pirates as power ups?

    and don't get me started with pirates for heroes in american tv. saban you high?

    but... i'll give your creation a chance...

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Dad: Hey son, what would you want to be when you grow up?

    Son: I want to be a pirate and save the world!


  43. Anonymous Says:

    im only trying to create optimism not add fuel to the fire.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    One other thing i find funny is how people get upset over Power Ranger needing to explain color changes, where the powers come from etc.

    Does anybody know anything about where the Gokaiger power comes from or the Ranger Keys? All i know is akared gave them to Marvelous, and that the keys are connected to the chest.

    I have no idea what powers the suits or who made them or the gokai galleon.

    I have no idea how dead sentai members had access to a 6th gokai key, nor how the timerangers in the future knew to make the gozyu drill without a whole bunch of time loop holes.

    I have no idea how future sentai like gobusters can have ranger keys nor explanation where those came from.

    I have no idea why gai can make a Battlelizer armor (face it, it may not be for a red ranger, but that's a battlelizer if i've ever seen one. It even consists of one Power Rangers style hokey feature with the helmets on the chest) with 15 extra rangers but not with 30 after he gets the other keys.

    In go-busters they keep saying the buddyroids protected the kids as children from being sent to the vagrass dimension. HOW? and where do the sentai power of the go-busters come from? why only 3? how did Gold Buster build a hangar, beet j stag, and his powers/zords and an avatar if his body was failing? why did he not get caught when others did?

    A LOT of sentai doesnt get explained. and we're supposed to get worked up over a color change? It wasn't explained in zeo either, it just happened.

  45. Ryasha Says:

    Ignoring all the back and forth arguing to touch on something the "April 10, 2013 at 7:59 PM" anon said.

    Black 'suddenly' becoming green isn't that surprising considering his pedestal thing in the command center is already green. It's been a dead giveaway that they were going to switch to Gokaiger at some point and that that was going to happen since episode 1.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I waited TWO YEARS to audition for this season after I watching three episodes of Gokaiger when it first came out. This is seriously racking my nerves right now. I went to acting classes, expos, and got an agent to this season.

    How the hell do you explain teenagers with angel cards becoming pirates?! A lot of former cast members and producers did talk about how they get the material from TOEI and don't even know the SS story line. I'm like WTF?

    Even if this is true, I'll watch SMF and I'll be done with PR after that. This is some BULL!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    @Appie: You apparently don't know shit either bitch! People who say that people don't know stuff usually don't know shit as well!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Why won't these people stop arguing for F***'s sake?!?! Geez, I know the use of the Gokaiger suits are gonna piss everyone off, but do something more productive than venting it out on this site!!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    If they ever adapt the Shinkenger vs Goseiger movie, after the fight with the Samurai Rangers and Mega Rangers vs. Vrak, the Mega Rangers go find Octoroo and transform into the Gokaiger suits. Yeah. That sounds about right. Then Saban can use the footage with the Gokaiger's appearance during the Shinkenger vs. Goseiger movie, or Gokaiger ep 40.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    I can't see Gokai Pink. Either the woman is blocking her, she's off screen, or she's not present during the filming.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    The power rangers article always garner the most comments and attention from people. Always great to see you enraged power ranger haters. I don't understand why do you hate saban for doing this. It's not like you are forced to watch the show. Gokaiger isn't even affected either since THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS AND FRANCHISES. Are you guys really this stupid to be continuing the constant trolling. I thought fellow sentai fans would be smarter than this. You guys disappoint me but then again you still provide laughter with your ignorance.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Seeing the Gokaiger suits *Mario game over sound plays*

  53. Anonymous Says:


    Your truly,
    the Japanese people and the Sentai fans

  54. Anonymous Says:

    @ annon 32

    They have the right thing to rant the Gokaiger suits in Power Rangers. So get your butt off the computer right now.

  55. Unknown Says:

    This won't translate well. The Gokaiger personalities are so different from Goseiger and PR Megaforce....well they don't know how to convey emotion. I'll watch the Legend War adaptation, but that's about it.

  56. Anonymous Says:


  57. Anonymous Says:

    From what I heard, that initial piece of info about the gokaiger suits being being power-ups was worded wrong.

    They Gokaiger suits come from "ranger strike" cards. They can use any of the cards to transform into another sentai and after that transformation, they no longer have the gosei morphers but the gokaiger ones instead.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    From what I heard, that initial piece of info about the gokaiger suits being being power-ups was worded wrong.

    They Gokaiger suits come from "ranger strike" cards. They can use any of the cards to transform into another sentai and after that transformation, they no longer have the gosei morphers but the gokaiger ones instead.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    People are ruining Kyoryuger for me... I like it...

  60. Anonymous Says:

    if gokaiger will be upgrades for goseiger like how they did with zyuranger and dairanger in the myghty morphin power ranger... this will really ruin the franchise and the super sentai wars

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Great to see some pics of the full gokaiger suits for pr filming. i am still curious to see how they are going to be using them. i am a little disapointed from what most reports say that they are merly going to be just a powerup mode next to the gosei suits being still main suits for the second season. this is one of the reasons i really hate the format change for pr on nick taking one series and spilting it over two yrs deal. i really like to see 40 episode season aired in one year and so forth like it was from what space-rpm. but still cant wait to see second season/gokaiger footage play out and who returns.

  62. Unknown Says:

    the whole color switch happened before, infact same situation, black, to green. with no real explanation, and a personality swap can happen, so let's stop bashing this idea, isn't gokaiger's gimmick all about over lapping season based powers, if so then saban is getting it right, that is my .02 cents

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Look We'll have to wait next for the next year of what may happens. Be Patient Everyone, they're are still filming season 2 So let wait and see What do those guys have plans. But I think they need a new cast or some changes like Making Noah as green ranger Troy as silver ranger.
    Since Troy has dreams of power ranger grand war so he should be the sixth ranger.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Well they want to DIFFERENTIATE themselves from Sentai.
    We are angry not those childen who are watching by the time they learn all about the reality then they will hate it

  65. Anonymous Says:

    "We sentai fans are outraged" is why you don't support the official release and watch illegally uploaded copies of the videos....

  66. Anonymous Says:

    "they might as well just kill the Super Sentai series right now. because Power Rangers will continue to f*** it up and insult it as long as it continues."

    Dude, you know you don't have to watch it right? You HAVE that choice. I hate the crap seasons Saban put out since taking the show back too, but would I really wish to take away Sentai because another program I DON'T have to watch is adapting it? You fanboys sure do know how to make the fanbase look bad.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    SABAN do us all a favor and own the rights to the original Japanese shows to be aired in the US and just get english actors to dub their lines in. Don't try to re invent the wheel.

    Kids now a days as well as adults can relate to the Japanese shows. You don't have to patronize us with your multi racial cast of b-actors.

    Yes this would totally alienate what has currently been done as far as fan favorites and the whole continuum. You would also probably have to edit some as the JPN versions usually contain more violence than their US counter parts, you will probably also put New Zealand out of the movie business. But it would be cheaper and no one could complain how crappy the US version is versus the original show.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    ^ Really? Cuz NO ONE ever complains about censorship or dubbing vs subbing!
    People will bitch either way.
    Also the original Japanese company allows them to do this. So I don't know what the hell your talking about.
    And re-invent the wheel? They change the story and characters, its not a straight copy, its an adaptation.

  69. GekiRED Says:

    "Anonymous said...
    "We sentai fans are outraged" is why you don't support the official release and watch illegally uploaded copies of the videos...."

    I official love you for that comment!! spot on!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Sentai Fanboys are just overly obsessed Otaku people, NERDs! Just enjoy the show and stop wining after every adaptation..creeps

  71. IchigoSAW Says:


    AMEN! Tokufanboys..take notes..jokers

  72. Anonymous Says:


  73. Unknown Says:

    i hope they make a show of it XD

  74. Anonymous Says:

    To to all the little bitches who won't stop saying shit about Power Rangers: STFU!!!!!! This isn't the best idea, but at least we'll be getting the Gokaiger suits!

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Seeing Gokaiger suits on Power Rangers, no matter what they do with them, won't ruin Gokaiger. Gokaiger was a fantastic show and how does it become less fantastic just because there's an American show using its footage?

    I'm just glad that they're using the suits which means we'll get GOKAIGER ACTION FIGURES in the States. Thank you, Lord!

  76. I personally think that using the Gokai suits as power up is stupid.. but I gotta give it chance. It could impress or disapoint me. But however, people complaining about the Color Changes? SERIOUSLY!! Adam and Carlos did the same thing in MMPR,Zeo,Turbo and In Space. Why are complaining it now? Let me guess cause you sentai fanboys will pissed that it will "ruin" Gokaiger. I'm sorry but I'm thinking of leaving the Tokusatsu Community if this problem continues!!

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Haha good one! I agree!
    Hade ni ikuze!!!

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