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Official Power Rangers Super Megaforce Logo Revealed

Page 41 of the preview issue of The Licensing Source Book Europe 2013 reveals the official logo for the next Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The ad for the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger adaptation shows the three male rangers.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the 21st season of Power Rangers continuing the celebration of the series 20th anniversary. The Megaforce rangers, will acquire a new "power up" in Super Megaforce and must be in this "new power-up" (Gokaiger suit) to transform into past rangers... This will also feature the appearance of the "Legendary Rangers".

via Rangercrew, Max Publishing

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25 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Huh, well only thing this ponders to me is a possible new batch of Gokaiger Figuarts for US Release. I know dreaming and no Dorins ofcourse but for those that missed out the first time.

    Eeh can dream right.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Owh, that green ranger look, I miss Doc

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Saban, for never failing to be sexist. =)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don't know why so many people complain about the logo for this season.
    It looks pretty good.
    Though simple it gives the series that super hero feel you're suppose to get from watching the series.

  5. Unknown Says:

    logo :
    but it is too small ._.

  6. I still love these suits.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    No it's Not sexist. when the gokaigers lined up the guys were always in the middle with girls on the ends.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Where are the girls?

  9. arale norimaki Says:

    power ranger rip


  10. Anonymous Says:

    now there going to rip off go kaiger

  11. Anonymous Says:

    @anon4 why would people complain about the logo? If anything the people should be complaining about the name of the season. Super megaforce? Can you possibly add anymore generic words to the title? They should of just left it as megaforce and label it as season 2. Like with MMPR. There is no need to add more silly words to the title. It's so stupid.

  12. Xenotome Says:

    Yes, the company that has gone out of its way to incorporate more women into the show while Toei limited them is sexist... apart from the train wreck that is Samurai...

  13. Anonymous Says:

    i never laughed so hard at how bad this looks.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Say whatever you want about the casting, the story, the choices, etc. but that logo could not get any blander. It's disappointing considering how stylized the Samurai logo was, and when compared to other logos of the previous Saban and Disney eras, this is as generic as you can get. There's literally no clue as to what the season's theme is supposed to be or its design identity.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    It looks pretty good except I hate how they put the word super. Super and mega sounds kinda stupid side by side, but I guess kids will buy into it

  16. Unknown Says:

    seriously the logo is worse than megaforce..

  17. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon who posted at 7:51 AM, How is it a rip-off when it's an adaption?

    @Arale, could you please post something other than the same "RIP Power Rangers, 1993-2009"? Seeing that on every other post about Mega Force is getting really annoying now...

    @The logo itself, all I can say is that it could be worse, but compared to the logos we got for some seasons, it is a bit bland (the word "Super" does look like it was edited from a piece of WordArt though), the name of this 2nd half of Mega Force, I can agree with everyone who says it's a bad name, I have a feeling that with this forced schedule, that the Go-Busters adaption will get titled "Super (Go-Busters PR name here)" and so on

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to bash, but I can't really help myself... Okay, I lied I can, but I just don't want to.
    The Title Looks Like Shit.
    Just throwing the word Super in there, I mean c'mon.
    At LEAST have some art done to make the title more appealing if you're going to ruin my favorite heroes in spandex. I mean are you serious? I could've done this in the Paint Program on the computer. You can do better Saban... MUCH better...

  19. Thomas Says:

    And thus begins the derailing of Gokaiger.

    But seriously though, I still want to know how they landed on "Super Megaforce". That's just a stupid name. I mean, "Megaforce" is kind of dumb, but it's okay. Just tacking another word on the front is stupid, though.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    RIP Power rangers 1993-2009
    Least we forget

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Just gonna say, if they added at least the Gokaiger emblem behind, the logo would look better. Would explain their chests at least. I wonder if their gonna change Green's role call pose since Doc always was wiping his hands.

  22. Unknown Says:

    On June 8, 2013, Power Rangers will be removed from Nickelodeon's Saturday lineup, and will air for one hour the next day; we don't know what will happen the following week, but they might keep Power Rangers off Saturdays altogether. And people keep saying that Power Rangers might return to the CW, but that's not happening.

  23. Blackfeather Says:

    When was the last time they released an episode anyway?
    Last episode I recall was 9.
    And that was quite a while ago...

  24. TCCOL Says:

    the only thing thatwould make me mad is if they trash the ranger key gimmick in-favor of them using the cards for the rangers sense the morpher allready has the sounds. but if they do adapt gokaiger they better not cheap out with the toys.... I PRAY the gokai cellular doesn't get the robomorpher treatment... -.-

  25. Unknown Says:

    Hold that thought; Power Rangers won't air on TV ALL this June 8 since Nick has pulled it as part of a ratings ploy to beat new episodes of Disney Channel's shows with its premiere of Sam & Cat; this is the 3rd time it's been replaced by Fairly OddParents (another of my favorites), and Power Rangers is STILL banned from the CW. Nick might as well pull Power Rangers from it AND Nicktoons' schedule altogether, since it's, as they WOULD say, "not working out for them", but I HIGHLY doubt another network will air it, except for Kabillion.

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