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No SPD Red Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

After we got information on the Red Wind Ranger not receiving any e-mail from Saban, Brandon Jay McLaren, known as Jack Landors/SPD Red Ranger of Power Rangers SPD confirms via Twitter that he didn't received any of those invitations sent by Saban for an appearance in the future episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Similar to McLaren, SPD co-star Matt Austin didn't received any e-mail. Steve Cardenas, Rhett Fisher and Karan Ashley revealed to have received an invitation but turned them down due to the low pay and Saban's budget restrictions.

Filming for the said episodes will be on May 25th and 26th.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the 21st season of Power Rangers continuing the celebration of the series 20th anniversary. The Megaforce rangers, will acquire a new "power up" in Super Megaforce and must be in this "new power-up" (Gokaiger suit) to transform into past rangers... This will also feature the appearance of the "historical rangers".

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37 Responses
  1. marty Says:

    okay thats it time for petition to saban or sonething.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Come on Saban, its the 20th anniversary get your head out of your ass and bring these people in

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I really wonder how Gai would react to this lol, Saban... you better stop this before it's too late

  4. Anonymous Says:

    As a Gokaiger fans it is just pathetic to see this, one of my favorite tokusatsu series will be ruined in front of American audience, gee thanks Saban

  5. Anonymous Says:

    How foolish is Saban? Seriously, whats going through that guys head. Well either way, Brandon would have most likely turned down the invitation just like Steve and Karan did as he lives in Canada. Rhett was invited but then uninvited because of ''budget restrictions''. Wouldn't be surprised if other veterans refuse to come back. Because at the moment the way Saban is handling things is pretty darn ugly. Saban taking back the rights is perhaps the biggest mistake ever made, the franchise was safer in the hands of Disney.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    They. Don't. Care.

    The TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC do not know who these people are. Why would they waste money trying to impress you adults, who will buy their merch regardless of how much you moan online.

  7. marty Says:

    @AnonymousMay 11, 2013 @1:04 am
    no kidding its like from "bad to worse"

  8. Anonymous Says:

    it's official, saban killed power rangers.

    even if they would also have one ranger per team(which is understandable but at this point very impossible), the damage has already been done when it comes to saban and power rangers. you can have all the cool merchandise all you want, but if you don't even try to create a good television show for fans who have been watching for 20 years, why should we even bother giving you those tv ratings?

    i'm hoping for the best out of this, but so far it would just be best to keep power rangers in japan where it's belongs.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    "They. Don't. Care.

    The TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC do not know who these people are. Why would they waste money trying to impress you adults, who will buy their merch regardless of how much you moan online."

    except they SHOULD care because if the new kids see these old actors then they will want to watch all the old shows. which mean interest in toys and other crap that Saban can sell them! its about history damn it! that's like saying nobody needs to learn about the wars of the past because they didn't live back then. its just Saban being lazy assholes who disrespect everyone involved. this is a time when both Sentai fans and Power Ranger fans and fans of both need to work together and tell Saban to stop being freaking stupid and stop this show right now because its clear they can't do it justice. I would rather my children sit down and watch the old MMPR on DVD or do a marathon on Netflix then support this era's "Saban"

  10. so many people unavailable...f-king saban. and i thought saban getting back power rangers are good thing.

    well, this is going to suck indeed. idk if i am actually watching this if this is how they do anniversary

  11. Which was Gokaiger's formula. Adding in the actors from older series to at least make new and younger fans aware of the previous teams. Super Sentai is a cultural icon in Japan, it's probably been passed down generationally, that's not the same case with Power Rangers.

  12. Chris Says:

    "Saban taking back the rights is perhaps the biggest mistake ever made, the franchise was safer in the hands of Disney."

    Not it wasn't. It's not safe in either Saban's or Disney's hands. Disney wanted to CANCEL Power Rangers.

  13. FRANK Says:

    Everyone look up MMPR film. Thats a fanmade project and is going be way better. Needs our support

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I think if they dont appear can be razonable.

    If a lot of season had been passed since Operation Overdrine (When Bridge was red), now, no one of them has to been in the team, right?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    USA kids writers don't care about nostalgia. anybody watch TMNT "Turtles Forever"? They basically said "Ok, we've been getting demands forever for a teamup with the 80s series, let's give it to them. our way."

    When they finally made the series they did everything possible to make the original look as silly, weak, pathetic, and uncool as possible to make the one that the current kids watch look better.

    dont be shocked if same thing happens here.

  16. Deragon Says:

    OK seriously guys Saban does not use SAG actors he never has that is why RPM red had to go under a fake name and not show his face Disney era people are SAG

  17. Anonymous Says:

    But Disney tried to kill power rangers after Jungle how was it in safer hands with them?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Power rangers is not dead, we are just getting negative reports back to back to back to back, so the damage was done because we placed allot into something we haven't seen yet. We don't know if there wont be more actors then what we have now because there may have been more that agreed to come back then we are aware of. We only need twenty people and we got two already announced for a season that hasn't finished filming yet.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    May 11, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    Let's go to school shall we. A couple of years ago. Disney acquired the Rights to Power Rangers. There first production Ninja Storm didn't do so hot in the ratings. The following season on the other hand "Dino Thunder" far exceeded expectations. Would you like to know why? Don't strain yourself by actually thinking, I'll just enlighten you. His name was Jason David Frank A.K.A Tommy Oliver. A signature hero for the franchise. Ratings went threw the roof because old fans came back eager to to see Tommy in action again. Toy sales and Merchandising went up. Granted, Power Rangers as a whole is targeted for kids. However when something as special as a 20 years Anniversary comes along. You break the bank. How many shows let alone kid shows lasts 20 years? If done correctly like Gokaiger was Toei. Saban would be able to recoup it's investment. Through the Nostalgia Factor. We want to see our old hero's. We'll buy the merchandise. We'll go to the road shows. We'll by the books,dvd's action figure, clothing line if need be. only if it's worth it. Saban isn't giving two fucks about this anniversary season. Why the fuck should we?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    May 11, 2013 at 1:44 AM

    Fuck the anon troll at May 11, 2013 at 1:08 AM. Don't feed assholes like that. Side note. You made a damn good argument.

  21. Phoenix Says:

    "As a Gokaiger fans it is just pathetic to see this, one of my favorite tokusatsu series will be ruined in front of American audience, gee thanks Saban"

    Ruining Gokaiger? Who is?

    No, Saban's only shooting themselves in the foot for their poor budget handling of guest stars for their ADAPTATION of Gokaiger.

    No one is ruining Gokaiger itself. It's still there for everyone's enjoyment.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    My hopes really aren't that high for this season anymore. I'm hoping this is like some plan by saban to get all these veterans to say there not coming on,but then surprise fans by appearing. Buuuut my hopes aren't that high for that either,but I hope saban can get this together before it's too late if it's not already

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Normally, I would defend PR but this time I got to say Saban you are a fucking moron!!

  24. Deragon Says:

    Disney Era are SAG Saban does not use SAG Erka From RPM had to use a fake name and Not show his face to be in Clash of the Red Rangers sooo yeah that is probably why they did not get an email... oh and Haim is not the Executive producer so any issues should be pointed at Tzachor not him

  25. I want the Power Rangers fans to get what they deserve, a reunion Power Rangers Season with a main cast of Mighty Morphin Pirate Rangers.

    This is a complete disaster!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    They should just make this series 3 seasons long and make the Go-busters adaptation 1 season(Nothing happened in that series anyway, they could just end it on the high note of the mid-season and resolve Beet-Buster's issue during the following season's team-up), that way they can have a budget to bring back more cast members and try to improve upon the gokaiger adatation.

    Just a thought.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I think its time for TOEI to do a Dub to Gokaiger befor Saban ruin the image for us jajajaja
    I mean came on, Gokaiger suits as power up? What the hell, so when they gokai change into past rengers from past rangers (using gokaiger footage) how do they do that? jajaja also when blue became "Gokai" Blue (supermegaforce Blue how lame)he sudenly became an incredible swordaman? and black became green and start with a comic relif fightin stile? jajaja how pathetic
    Seriuly I rather watch a Dub version of gokaiger (even with the korean name of Power Rangers Captain Force) than this
    I´m not a sentai fan, and until 2 years ago I never care about super sentai, then i watch 1 ep of gokaiger and it blow my mind it was amaizing an the idea of adapting to PR was a big hope but this, and i must say i love and saw gokaigers twice then i start go-buster and around ep 10 it bored me, and koryuger in the 2nd ep; but gokaiger was grate, come on saban dont kill us this

  28. Anonymous Says:

    They'll probably just used some generic actors from the streets to replace the veteran rangers and make it look that they are the real ones because kids won't probably notice it anyway.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    May 11, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    That sounds awfully like Kamen Rider Decade. We all know how well that turned out for Toei. Al though I wouldn't put it past Tzachor's dumbass to actually think that was a good idea. Freaking morons.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    It's time to make Saban Entertainment do a kickstart for fuck sake!!!


  31. Anonymous Says:

    People are easily pissed because of that, they tried to end a show that went on for 19 years...even Power Rangers alumni's even said the show needs to end at a certain point. And let's not forget, Saban gave up on Power Rangers before, that's why he sold it to Disney! It ain't like they had it for a short time and said "Yeah, we don't want it." They had it from 2001 - 2009. Now people want to see Power Rangers keep going and look at what's happening? lol.

    Anyway, the dude pretty much said that in the hands of Disney, they would have just kept on putting out past episodes but remastered, even though people hated those, at least it's not as bad as what Saban started to do with Power Rangers when he bought it back. Samurai was a horrible season, Megaforce seems decent but now we're hearing A LOT of disappointing news about Super Megaforce, and everyone knows how Saban really is at this point.

    So to end it, if you don't want to put in money on something you want to continue, why buy it back in the first place? Just let it go.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    i think a kickstarter idea is bad. If wikipedia is right "which it always is" his net worth is 3.4 billion. sure he may not have that in cash but seeing that net worth and how much effort is being put into the show, he'll probably find some way to keep most for himself.

    There's one thing about giving rich people money who are already known to make quality stuff and its another to throw large sums of money at rich ppl in hope they improve on something mediocre at best

  33. Anonymous Says:

    First off Dino Thunder did better than Ninja Storm because of the Dinosaur theme. Power Rangers is STILL remembered mostly for its Dinosaur theme. Tommy had a bit to do with it as well sure but honestly the season would have done fine without him. Also if I recall correctly Disney promoted that season a whole lot more.

    Next up Saban did not sell off Power Rangers alone to Disney. He sold his failing network and mostly outdated collection of kids shows and made a killing. He sacrificed his one successful franchise (As they only were going to have Transformers for a single season and Digimon's toyline was beginning to get plagued with awful distribution that practically killed it in the third season. Power Rangers however had remained the Number 1 Boys Toyline from 93 to 07 and while ratings faltered from time to time toysales did not) It's generally considered the worst thing Disney had ever done. The network wasn't doing well and they were stuck in a contract that forced them to produce Power Rangers with absolutely no input on what Toei did and had to bend to Bandai's whims at times. Disney wanted to do an animated series based on the original series. They didn't want to adapt Sentai. They wanted to do things their way and weren't allowed to and they hated it.

    Third Super Megaforce will not ruin Gokaiger. Gokaiger is Gokaiger and Super Megaforce is Super Megaforce. You want to watch Gokaiger? Go ahead. I think people need to realize that much like Gokaiger these returns will mostly be short cameos that are about one or two scenes. This is why they're being paid so little. They're mostly going to be VERY short scenes. Yes it sucks that some were not invited back and it's awful that Tzachor could give two shits about the Disney casts but the cameos were mostly superficial in Gokaiger and they're mostly going to be mostly superficial here.

    Finally people need to realize some things. Right now Saban has about as little to do with the franchise as he always has. He owns it he doesn't do much else. Tzachor is the one in charge of those decisions. Saban at best decides a seasons budget (Something most likely suggested to him by another employee making it most something he approves) and handles other business decisions (such as networks airing the shows and other similar things.) AT BEST. He has people to do this stuff for him. He owns a corporation he's not really going to do much for his franchises once he acquires them. Also Power Rangers existing hardly ruins or endangers Super Sentai. If anything it helps keep it alive. Toei makes a good portion of its Super Sentai earnings from the money it makes on Power Rangers. Ya know. Money they make doing nothing but producing a show they would produce anyway. I'm sure Saban's interest in possibly doing Kamen Rider is because they're pushing it on him. It'd be a great business decision. This is the company that requested Sailor Moon and One Piece be edited for American audiences (they approved every last edit to One Piece (4Kids dropped the license because it was doing poorly. Not because Toei revoked it like many think.) AND constantly shot down many attempts at uncut Sailor Moon dubs.) Toei is hardly a company that cares about its products past them making money. Stop acting like they don't want Power Rangers around or like Saban should cancel it because they can't get an actor back for a 30-60 second scene.

    Really so far only the Shane (and in my opinion Ryan since he IS our Ranger.) not returning is upsetting news since it means no Ninja Storm cross over. But I'd imagine they're using that plot for Samurai instead. And besides Dustin's actor is retired not and I doubt he'd come back. I believe he's a lawyer or something now.

  34. Anonymous Says:


  35. Anonymous Says:

    Of all the things you put, I can only agree with that it won't ruin Gokaiger.

    I'm not going to go into deep explanation on everything else, but you are wrong on a lot of the stuff you put., Elie Dekel makes all the decisions, not Tzachor. And two, the thing about them getting paid little isn't even the problem, as much as it sucks, that's not even the issue. The issue is Saban is asking people to come back, even started using "for the fans" as a bribe, but won't cover for them to fly out there, so they can cover up for themselves to live. They were asking them to drop everything they have, their jobs, leave their families, etc...just to pay their own way, pay for their own flight, pay for their own hotel, everything. They are pretty much nearly getting broke, and then only returning to Power Rangers for a crappy pay, when they had A LOT more money before. So they have to use up the rest of their money to get home and everything. They probably won't be piss poor broke, but they will lose a huge chunk.

    And...about Toei, they do make money from Power Rangers and all. They also make money off of A LOT of other stuff as well. So if Saban cancels Power Rangers, would it damage them? Not that much to not at all really. They are very popular and get a lot of money with or without it. That's just my take, this part don't really matter though.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    At least Disney would have went out with an epic "good bye." But everyone got their own opinions and won't like to hear other opinions.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    its bit sad since SPD made famous in Japan.

    I guess their doggie kruger will be enough replacement - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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